Minnesota car accident lawyer Fred Pritzker has over 30 years of experience in state and federal court. He has won cases against at-fault drivers, trucking companies, car dealerships and others. He recently won over $20 million for a client who was severely burned. Minnesota Lawyer, a legal publication, named him an “Attorney of the Year” in 2011, 2014 and 2015, an honor obtained by only a handful of attorneys in the state.


“For most family members a lawsuit is not just about the money; it is about getting answers and seeking justice.” Attorney Fred Pritzker

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Hiring the right lawyer after a car accident can be the difference between getting a $2,000,000 settlement and a $2,000 settlement. At Pritzker Hageman Law Firm, we understand how important your recovery and financial security are. We help our clients get the compensation they deserve so they can have the financial security they need. We have a record of winning large settlements and verdicts and do not shy away from taking on the toughest cases. If you are looking for a lawyer for yourself or a loved one, we can help. We stand firm for our clients from day one.

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We help clients from all across the country with their accident claims. We work to get our clients the care they needed and the compensation they deserved.


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We Can Help if You Were Hit by a Drunk Driver

There is no debate as to the dangers of driving drunk. Yet, driving while intoxicated is still common throughout the United States. If you were the victim of a drunk driving accident, we can help you can hold the drunk driver accountable.

Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving is deadly. For example, in Minnesota, distracted driving is a factor in over 25% of all accidents, and in 2015, it resulted in over 70 deaths and 350 serious injuries. Sadly, distracted driving in very common, and routinely done by many drivers. Below are some of the most common causes of distracted driving accidents.

Cell Phones

Cell phones can be very distracting when driving. In many states, it is illegal to compose or read text messages or emails while driving. For drivers under 18, using a cell phone at any time while driving is also illegal in many states.

Dashboard Controls

Adjusting your mirrors, setting up radio presets, or any number of other types of dashboard interactions can all cause drivers to lose focus on the road. With dashboards becoming more complex, distracted driving accidents may increase.


The safest thing to do when driving is to map out one’s destination ahead of time. Driving while looking at maps or while interacting with a GPS or navigation app on a phone can be dangerous. If you are driving with a passenger, let the passenger navigate so you can focus on safely driving.

Vehicle Occupants

It is possible for drivers to become distracted by adult passengers and/or children in their vehicles. When driving with children, make sure that they are properly buckled up and that they understand the importance of behaving well while you drive.

4 Things You Should Do To Protect Your Rights

How Much Is My Accident Case Worth

Getting justice and fair compensation can be a hard fought battle. The decisions you make in the days directly following a crash are important to protect yourself against insurance companies who stand in the way of justice and fair compensation. The following five things are just a few of the things that you should do to protect yourself.

  • Report the crash to your insurance company
  • Do not talk to any other insurance or trucking company
  • Report the incident to the local authorities (police or highway patrol)
  • Contact an attorney and consult with him or her before you sign anything or attend a medical appointment

Why Do I Need To Report a Crash to My Insurance Company?

If you are involved in a collision, you should report it to your insurance company because it is required under most insurance policies. If they choose to deny your claim, you can take legal action against your own insurance company. For more information:

Should I Talk With an Insurance Adjuster if They Call?

No. Don’t talk with anyone else’s insurance company representative or a trucking company representative. These people try to get information about the crash and your injuries that they can use against you. It’s a good idea to talk to an attorney before you talk to any insurance company. We have handled cases involving the following insurance companies: GEICO, Allstate, American Family, State Farm, Nationwide, Travelers, Progressive, Farmers, and Liberty Mutual.

Should I Always Report an Accident to Local Authorities?

Yes. If you are involved in a serious wreck, it is likely that a dispatcher will send the police or highway patrol to the crash site. For minor collisions when there is only minor damage, they might not need to be involved legally. However, by requesting a police or highway patrol report, there will be an official report filed which can be used to hold the at fault driver responsible.

What Does a Lawyer do Protect My Rights?

There are many ways our lawyers work to protect our clients’ rights after an crash. Insurance companies try and push injured people into signing papers to give up their rights and make them attend adverse examinations to try and cut off any medical benefits they might have. A good accident lawyer is used to these tactics as well as ones that are used by large trucking companies and major shipping corporations. Having an experienced lawyer working for you protects your rights and compensation from being taken away and lets you focus on your recovery.

Accident News

Fatal Accident in Goodhue County Kills Patricia Otte, Injures Her Husband, Tom Otte

A fatal accident in Goodhue County tragically took the life of a woman from Randolph, Minnesota, and critically injured husband. The couple were on a motorcycle traveling on Highway 61 when they were hit by a Chrysler 200 Touring, a mid-sized car. The driver of the Chrysler had failed to yield the right-of-way at an intersection where it had a stop sign. Alcohol may have been a factor.

Drink and Drive Fatal Accident

Bicyclist Hit by Minivan That Failed to Stop at an Intersection in Itasca County

A 90-year-old man riding a bicycle suffered life threatening injuries when a minivan ran him over. A 2007 Chrysler Town and Country minivan was traveling southbound on Highway 46 in Morse Township, Minnesota. The minivan hit the bicyclist when it failed to stop at the intersection of Highway 46 and Highway 2.

Self-Driving Uber Vehicle Fatally Injures Bicyclist

An Uber vehicle driving in the autonomous mode (self-driving) hit and killed a woman riding a bicycle, Elaine Herzberg, a 49-year-old. A human vehicle operator was behind the wheel. The accident happened in Tempe, Arizona. Our lawyers help people injured by vehicles in the service of Uber and Lift.

Pregnant Mother Killed by Semitrailer Wheel

A woman and her unborn son tragically died when a semitrailer wheel separated from the trailer and rolled through the windshield of the woman’s SUV. The truck driver was charged with driving with unsafe equipment. The truck driver and the company for which he was driver were responsible for making sure the equipment was safe.

Minnesota Car Accident Personal Injury News

Head-On Collision in Stearns County Injures Pamela Rae Gregor

A Chevy Trailblazer SUV was traveling eastbound on Highway 23 west of Richmond in Munson Township, Stearns County, MN. The Trailblazer crossed the centerline and crashed head-on with a GMC Terrain SUV. The GMC was pushed over the guardrail and then rolled into the ditch. The driver of the GMC, Pamela Rae Gregor, and her passenger, James Lloyd Klug, both from Minneota. The crash happened October 28, 2017.

Pickup Truck Fails to Yield the Right-of-Way, Injured Jonathan Macarthur and 3 Others

A Ford Expedition SUV was northbound on Highway 71 in Northern Township, Beltrami County. A Ford pickup truck was traveling eastbound on Lakewood Drive. As the Expedition entered the intersection, it was hit by the pickup truck, which entered the intersection without yielding the right-of-way to the Expedition. The driver of the  Expedition, Jonathan Craig Macarthur, from Warroad, MN, was injured, as were three of his passengers. The crash happened October 28, 2017.

Accident on Highway 14 in Olmsted County

The driver of a 1991 Chevrolet Corvette was injured on Wednesday, June 14th, in an accident in Olmsted County. Jeffrey Alan Highum, the driver of the Corvette, was traveling eastbound on Highway 14 when his vehicle was struck head on by a westbound 1999 Chevy Silverado. Highum was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The Olmstead Sheriff’s Office, Rochester Fire Department, and Gold Cross Ambulance assisted at the accident scene.

Accident in Delano Minnesota

A Honda Civic was going east on Highway 12 in Delano. It was traveling in the right turn lane, near 7th Street, when it hit a bicyclist, Mark Andrew Kangas, who was transported to the hospital.

Crash in Intersection in Albert Lea on Highway 13

On Wednesday, June 14th, an accident occurred at the intersection of Highway 13 and Sunset Street in Albert Lea, Minnesota. A Chevy Silverado, driven by Kevin Roger Swenson, was traveling northbound on Highway 13 when a Ford Taurus, traveling westbound on Sunset Street, crossed Highway 13. The two vehicles to collided in the intersection of the two roads. Swenson was treated at Albert Lea Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries.

Dodge County Rollover on Highway 51

Two people were taken to Mayo Clinic Hospital, St. Mary’s Campus after being involved in a rollover on Sunday, June 11th. Kelly Jo Weiker and Jamie Marie Tierce-Trent, both of Dodge City Minnesota, were traveling southbound on Highway 51 when the rear tire of their Chevrolet Tahoe blew out, causing the SUV to run off the road and roll into the ditch. Weikert, who was driving the vehicle, sustained non-life threatening injuries. Tierce-Trent, who was the passenger in the vehicle, was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident and ejected from the vehicle. She sustained life-threatening injuries in the crash. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, West Concord Police Department, West Concord Ambulance, and Dodge Center Ambulance assisted at the scene.

Rear-end Collision on Hwy 101 in Wright County

On Saturday, June 10th, an accident involving two vehicles took place on Highway 101 at County Road 42 in Wright County. A 2013 Mazda 3 and a 2001 Chevy Silverado were both traveling southbound on Hwy 101 when the rear of the Chevy Silverado was struck by the Mazda 3. The driver of the Chevy, Brenda Lisa Molina Scott, of Mankato, MN, was treated for injuries at Mercy Hospital.

Crash in Murray County on Hwy 91

A crash occurred Thursday morning, June 8th, at the intersection of Highway 91 and County Road 4 in Murray County. A 1990 Buick Park Avenue traveling on County Road 4 turned onto Highway 91 to travel northbound. When the Buick in the intersection it was involved in a collision with a southbound International Semi, driven by Kyle John Miller of Porter, MN. Miller sustained life-threatening injuries and was taken to Sanford Medical Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Murray County Sheriff’s Office and the Chandler Fire Department assisted.

Milaca Man Injured in Mille Lacs County Incident

On Friday Morning, June 9th, a collision took place in Mille Lacs County at the intersection of Highway 169 and County Road 12. A 2014 Jeep Patriot was traveling southbound on Hwy 169 when it was broadsided by a GMC Savana Cutaway. The driver of the Jeep, Whitney Lee Rose-Norman of Milaca, was treated for non-life threatening injuries at Princeton Hospital following the collision.

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