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If you have been in a car accident or other motor vehicle accident and have or suspect you have a traumatic brain injury (TBI), our Minnesota TBI attorneys have the experience to help you get full compensation for your injuries. Below is a list of some of our top settlements and verdicts.

Settlements and Verdicts

  1. $3,500,000.00 for a child whose head was severely injured in a multi-vehicle crash. The injury cased significant brain damage. She was a passenger in a car that lost control after attempting to avoid a collision with another vehicle. Her vehicle then crossed the median and collided with two other vehicles.
  2. $2,560,000.00 settlement for couple whose car was hit from behind by a semi truck on a Minnesota freeway. Their car then collided at a high speed with an SUV. The husband suffered traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures. The wife had several broken bones and other orthopedic injuries.
  3. $1,225,666 for a woman who was driving through an intersection on a country road when a farm sprayer crashed into her. Her head was severely injured. The investigation found that the sprayer had failed to stop at the intersection.
  4. $1,100,000 for a man who was riding his motorcycle when he was hit by a left turning auto driven by a teenager. We obtained this amount even though our client was not wearing a helmet. On impact, he was hurled nearly 60 feet. He fractured his temple bone and severed a nerve, which resulted in him losing his hearing in one ear. He also suffered brain contusions. He had what are called closed head injuries where the damage inside doesn’t necessarily show on the outside. Because of the accident, he had to close his janitorial business.

In one of our cases, our client was hit by a commercial-sized tow truck hook. The weight and velocity created a force that crushed the left part of his head, taking out an eye. This tragic accident left him disfigured and with limited cognition, gait issues (trouble walking), and speech problems.

Because the injuries were so severe and there was no hope of anything even close to full recovery, the company responsible settled the case for a 7-figure amount. The agreement was confidential.

Child Head Injured

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