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Welcome. Our law firm helps injured people.

Pritzker Hageman, P.A. is a personal injury law firm, meaning we help people who have been harmed in accidents, explosions or by defective products, including contaminated food.

When you hire us, you do not have to put any money down because we work on a “contingency” basis, which means we are paid after we win you money. For example, if we win a settlement, most of the money will go to you, and we will get a percentage as our pay. This is how personal injury firms do business. Without this system of payment, large companies would never have to pay everyday people who are harmed by corporate wrongdoing.

Our law firm, founded by Fred Pritzker, has a team of experienced attorneys led by Eric Hageman.  And we are truly a team.

When you hire us, our team goes to work on your behalf. Many of our clients say we are like part of their family. One client commented that Eric and Fred visited him and his wife over 15 times in just a few months. Clients keep in contact with us long after getting compensated. We hear about new babies, weddings, new jobs, and how life can be meaningful and fulfilling after tragedy. This is what keeps us going, knowing that we can help people “live with their families and be happy forever,” as one client put it.

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We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients. Our lawyers have won over 60 settlements over a million dollars, including over $30 million for one client. Read about our top settlements. To contact our law firm, submit the form on this page or call 1-888-377-8900 or text us at 612-261-0856 and for a free consultation.

Submitting the form on this page does not create an attorney-client relationship. To hire one of our lawyers, you will need to sign a retainer form.