Accident Caused by a Driver Who Was Texting or Talking on a Cell Phone

As personal injury lawyers, we see the harms and losses resulting from unsafe cell phone use and texting. If you have been in a car accident and the other driver was talking on a cell phone or texting, you may have a personal injury claim and be able to hold the other driver accountable for their negligent behavior. A personal injury claim can also help recuperate the costs of the accident including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering (includes physical pain, disfigurement, disability, and emotional distress)
  • Cost of care
  • Other damages

Many of our most seriously injured clients owe their lifetime of disability to crashes caused by distracted drivers. Contact our car accident lawyers if a crash in Minnesota injured you or a loved one. You can use the form below or call 612-338-0202.

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You can contact attorney Eric Hageman using the form above. Eric has won a number of car accident settlements over a million dollars for clients where were severely injured.

In one of our recent cases, a semitrailer truck driver stopped in middle of the road because he was using his cell phone, having a fight with is girlfriend. The operator of another big rig rear ended him and was killed. The family hired attorney Eric Hageman to represent them in a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucker and the trucking company. Eric obtained evidence from the cell phone provider regarding the conversation, proved it happened at the same time as the collision, and proved that the trucking company was also legally responsible. He won a large settlement for the family and held wrongdoers accountable.

Minnesota Attorneys Represent Iowa Man after Head-on Collision

Pritzker Hageman Law Firm attorneys represented a man who was seriously injured by a driver who was texting. Our client, a young man from Minnesota in his twenties, was driving down a rural highway in Iowa when he was struck head-on by a vehicle driven by a 16-year-old who was texting. Our client sustained severe injuries, including a crushed pelvis. He was airlifted from Iowa to Minneapolis to be treated.

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Attorneys at Pritzker Hageman help injured people get the money and justice they deserve. You can contact one of our car crash lawyers using the form above or at 612-338-0202.

Distracted Driving Laws in Minnesota

TextingMinnesota has put some restrictions on cell phone use while driving. The Information below is taken from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety website.

Texting and Web Access

It is illegal for drivers of all ages to compose, read, or send electronic messages or access the Internet on a wireless device when the vehicle is in motion or part of traffic. This includes being stopped in traffic or at a light. The law does not apply to devices that are permanently affixed to the vehicle or global positioning or navigation systems (Texting and web access statute — M.S. 169.475).

Cell Phone Use and Texting

It is illegal for drivers under age 18 to use a cell phone, whether hand-held or hands-free — except to call 911 in an emergency (Permit and Provisional License statues–MS 171.05 and MS 171.055 Subd. 2(a)). Cell phone use is totally banned for school bus operators (School bus driver statute –MS 169.443 Subd. 9(b)).

Reckless or Careless Driving

Distracted drivers can be ticketed for reckless or careless driving when their actions demonstrate a disregard for the safety or rights of others (Reckless and Careless Driving Statute – M.S. 169.13)

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