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Pritzker Hageman, P.A. is a nationally recognized personal injury law firm representing victims in cases involving explosions, fires, foodborne illness, Legionnaires’ disease, traffic accidents, defective medical products, and wrongful death.

Our Mission Statement

To help injured people get on with the rest of their lives by obtaining justice, fair compensation, and holding accountable those who caused them harm.

Our law firm has a craftsman approach to representing injury victims and their families. We take the time to learn about our clients and understand the unique challenges each of them has to overcome. We believe this investment results in higher recoveries for our clients.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Husband and Wife Clinets Sitting

You helped us have financial security.

When our Pritzker Hageman attorney first met John, John’s cognitive and physical abilities were impaired by Listeria’s attack on his central nervous system. He was just starting to recover from the meningitis. None of that stopped him from talking straight up to John, with all the compassion you could imagine. It was an approach that meant a lot to us, especially to John.

I will say that hiring the Pritzker Hageman law firm was one of the best decisions I made throughout this ordeal.  They are smart, caring, and incredibly hard working.

Our lawyers came to our home.  We spent the day together, had dinner, and talked and shared.   John and I knew then, that we had more than a just good lawyers.  They had become our friends.

Our lawyers fought very hard to get us a fair settlement, and for that I am grateful. I thank the lawyers and their staff, for helping us traverse this particular phase of our life’s journey. Each exhibited much knowledge and insight into the devastation of listeria meningitis.

No amount of money can truly compensate for the kind of losses that John suffered, and all the anguish. But the funds our lawyers obtained for us have become an important part of our financial security. We are grateful for what Pritzker Hageman did for us.
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Client Testimonial Image

You showed compassion.

I remember one of the first things my Pritzker Hageman attorney said to me on the phone was that he was so sorry this happened. I can’t describe the meaningfulness of that sort of simple, genuine acknowledgment. If I had any doubt that this was the right firm for me, this comment sealed the deal.

Moreover, I sought experience and the firm provided it. It’s clear from the firm’s history and their handling of food poisoning cases that they have been successful in achieving significant monetary awards to compensate clients devastated by the effects of food-borne illness, particularly the Listeria bacteria. The relatively small size of the firm is a definite plus. You aren’t a “number” and it’s a place that’s very family-oriented.

The settlement from my case allows me to live independently after having been forced to rely on others for care.  I can now afford to hire folks to help me with any physical task I cannot do on my own without needing to depend on my parents for financial support to live on my own.

As important to me as it was to gain a financial settlement, an even greater reward of our food poisoning litigation was holding the food company accountable for selling products tainted with such a dangerous bacteria.
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Client Burn Survivor

You helped our family in so many ways. 

We lost everything… but the amount of help we received from our attorneys at the Pritzker Hageman law firm was incredible. No amount of money can replace what we lost. I went through 15 to 20 surgeries. But I’m still alive and I get to spend the rest of my life with my family and we’re going to be happy the rest of our lives.

Before the case was settled, we had no income. My wife couldn’t go back to work. Our attorneys stepped in and guided us to a bank that loaned us the money we needed. And the law firm was extremely helpful in finding us a new place to live. We were under so much stress and they helped in so many ways.

The Pritzker Hageman lawyers were different… We did our research and we actually called them based on their experience. They flew out right away to see us and they listened. They asked us what kind of lawyer we were looking for. It was a really good vibe right from the beginning and now our lawyers are like family to us. They’ve flown out to see us 10 or 15 times — if not more — and they continue to help.
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Our Lawyers

We’re a small personal injury firm that wins against Fortune 500 firms. We’re really, really good at our job. We’ve represented people just like you in thousands of cases and we have the experience not to blink when everything is a stake. We also have the financial strength to take on the largest companies—and their big law firms.

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Eric Hageman

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David Szerlag

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Fred Pritzker

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Proven Results:

We have obtained 100+ separate verdicts and settlements greater than $1 million:

$45 Million

We obtained this settlement for a man who lost his arm and leg in a gas pipeline explosion.

$45 Million

Our client suffered substantial injuries after ingesting a defective product.

$10 Million

Our client suffered burn injuries over 60% of his body in an explosion caused by improperly-odorized propane.

$10 Million

We represented seven children who suffered intestinal injuries as a result of a defective food product.

$9.5 Million

Our client suffered burn injuries over 50% of her body when a compressed natural gas line ruptured in a factory, causing an explosion.

$7.5 Million

We won this verdict for a child with kidney damage from E. coli.

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