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Why We Have A National Practice

Few lawyers and law firms have our experience and reputation for success in large, complex, and high-stakes cases. That’s why we’re retained by people throughout the United States. We have obtained million and multi-million dollar recoveries in jurisdictions from coast to coast, in both state and federal court cases. From Maine to California and from Minnesota to Florida, we hold wrongdoers accountable and make sure our clients are fairly compensated for their harms and losses.

It’s easy to work with us. It starts with an in-depth interview to help us understand the facts of the case and needs of our client. If we agree to pursue the case, we’ll make arrangements to meet with you at our expense and in the comfort of your own home. After gathering the facts and gaining your trust, we will vigorously pursue your case. All the while, we’ll be communicating with you – answering your questions and guiding you through this complex process.

Pritzker Hageman Founder Fred Pritzker
Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman

Our lawyers have won millions for clients, including a recent $45 million settlement for clients injured by one product. These clients were from several states. We also just won $10 million for a client who suffered severe burns. He lived in another state, and we flew to meet him and his family to understand how his injuries had changed his life. We sued several companies on his behalf; these companies had offices in different states. To litigate these complex cases, it is essential that a law firm have a national practice.

We represent clients from all 50 states in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, and we would like to help you. You can contact us for a free consultation with our online form (click here) or by calling 1-888-377-8900.

When we handle out-of-state cases in state or federal court, we retain the services of local counsel, who then move to have us admitted pro hac vice, meaning “for this particular occasion.” We handle the case but have local counsel to assist us with any local issues. This allows us to handle cases all over the country.

With our collective decades of experience in complex food poisoning, product liability, and medical cases, we have the experience, knowledge, skill, and resources to give our clients effective legal representation. Learn more about our law firm, our practice areas, and our senior partner, Eric Hageman. Pritzker Hageman, P.A. has offices centrally located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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For more information about Pritzker Hageman, please see “About Us.” Our law firm also runs the Pritzker Hageman personal injury blog that has been publishing news and information for many years. Senior partner Eric Hageman leads our teams of highly experienced personal injury attorneys.