Can I Sue a Drunk Driver for Personal Injury or Wrongful Death in Minnesota?

If you were injured by a drunk driver, you can sue to hold the driver accountable. In some cases, the bar or restaurant that served the driver can also be sued. Often times, drunk drivers only get a few months in jail or probation, even when their reckless actions caused serious injury or death. Filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit is often the only way to feel that justice has been served.

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Our attorneys pursue cases involving drunk drivers aggressively. After DUI or DWI crashes, insurance companies are in the very difficult position of having to defend somebody who knowingly or negligently got drunk and then drove. We can, and do, put the screws to the insurance company to resolve the claim fairly and quickly. Call 1-888-377-8900 (toll free).

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Proven Results:

We have obtained 100+ separate verdicts and settlements greater than $1 million:

$45 Million

We obtained this settlement for a man who lost his arm and leg in a gas pipeline explosion.

$45 Million

Our client suffered substantial injuries after ingesting a defective product.

$10 Million

Our client suffered burn injuries over 60% of his body in an explosion caused by improperly-odorized propane.

$10 Million

We represented seven children who suffered intestinal injuries as a result of a defective food product.

$9.5 Million

Our client suffered burn injuries over 50% of her body when a compressed natural gas line ruptured in a factory, causing an explosion.

$7.5 Million

We won this verdict for a child with kidney damage from E. coli.

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