Client Stories

Our E. coli HUS client and her mother
You had genuine concern for the well-being of our daughter.
When I think back about how we chose a lawyer, we had lots of family and friends who researched this area of the law and we came up with a few different lawyers to contact. We wanted to feel comfortable with someone who had a reputation for taking cases to trial and winning big verdicts.
Client Burn Survivor
You helped our family in so many ways. 
We lost everything… but the amount of help we received from the Pritzker Hageman law firm was incredible. No amount of money can replace what we lost. I went through 15 to 20 surgeries. But I’m still alive and I get to spend the rest of my life with my family and we’re going to be happy the rest of our lives.
Husband and Wife Clinets Sitting
You helped us have financial security.
When our Pritzker Hageman attorney first met John, John's cognitive and physical abilities were impaired by Listeria’s attack on his central nervous system. He was just starting to recover from the meningitis. None of that stopped him from talking straight up to John, with all the compassion you could imagine. It was an approach that meant a lot to us, especially to John.
Client Food Poisoning
You showed compassion.
The settlement from my case allows me to live independently after having been forced to rely on others for care.  I can now afford to hire folks to help me with any physical task I cannot do on my own without needing to depend on my parents for financial support to live on my own.
Client Story Ecoli
You helped me through a very difficult time.
When I was seventeen years old, I became very sick with a food-borne illness called E. coli. I later learned that I got the bacteria from an under-cooked meat product. Because of this, I suffered from hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), which caused my kidneys to fail. I was on dialysis for three months.
Candles Burning
You saw me as an individual and not a case number.
The Pritzker law firm had handled tragic losses before and that’s a big reason I turned to them after the accident. They knew what they were doing and they were sensitive to our kids and what they were going through. They were always willing to listen to what I had to say and I just thought they were very human.
Holding Hands after Wrongful Death
You kept your word.
After our family mourned in excruciating pain over the school drowning death of our son, we sought justice and turned to the Pritzker Hageman law firm to uncover the truth of what happened.
You helped me get a new leg.
I was still in a coma from my motorcycle accident when my sister, who is a very savvy investment banker, connected me with the Pritzker Hageman law firm. After I woke up, Eric Hageman visited me. I could tell he was a great guy, someone with a heart of gold.