Accident Personal Injury Lawsuit

How Much Money Can I Get From My Personal Injury Case?

The compensation for severe injuries varies based on the injury and who is responsible for the collision.

An experienced accident lawyer will be able to determine the best way to get the most compensation. This compensation generally includes amounts for physical pain, emotional suffering, disability, disfigurement, medical expenses, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, loss of quality of life, lost income, and other damages.

Our lawyers have won multi-million dollar settlements for clients injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents.

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How Long After an Accident Do I Have to Sue?

This depends on the state in which the lawsuit will be filed. Laws called “statutes of limitations,” which vary by state, determine how much time you have to file a claim. It is always best to hire a lawyer as soon as possible to make sure you do not lose your legal rights. When you contact our law firm, the lawyer you talk with during your free consultation will ask where the accident took place, where you are from, where the other driver is from, and other questions that will help determine where a lawsuit should be filed.

Can My Family Get Money From My Accident Injury Lawsuit?

Possibly. If you are married, your spouse most likely can sue, even if your spouse has no physical injuries. The harm is the damage to the relationship. We have had clients who were injured less than a year after getting married. We were able to recover substantial amounts for their spouses.

What If My Spouse Was Also Injured? Do We Have the Same Lawsuit?

If your spouse was also injured, you both have the legal right to sue for compensation. In most cases of these cases, the spouses hire the same lawyer and file a joint lawsuit against all responsible people and companies. There may be situations where this is not advisable, so you need to talk with a lawyer.

What if My Minor Children Were Also Injured?

If your minor (under 18 years of age) children were also injured, they are too young to sue. However, you may be able to sue on their behalf. Money obtained in a settlement or trial verdict will be used for the child’s medical expenses and care. Any money not immediately used for these purposes will be put in a trust for your child.

What If I Was in a Car Crash With a Drunk Driver?

In most cases, you will be able to sue the drunk driver and recover money from their insurance company. This is the case if you were a passenger in a car driven by an intoxicated driver or in a car that was hit by a drunk driver. You may also be able to sue a bar for your injuries. You may have a case against a bar, restaurant, or liquor store even if you were a passenger in the car and willing rode with the drunk driver. However, this may affect the amount of money you get. For more information, read “Can a passenger sue a drunk driver after a rollover crash?

What if the Person Who Hit Me Did Not Have Insurance?

Your auto insurance most likely has a provision for uninsured drivers. You may be able to recover all or part of your policy’s limit for these kinds of accidents. Depending on the facts, you may also be able to seek compensation from a bus or trucking company, the employer of the uninsured driver, a bar (if the driver was intoxicated), or another business. Our lawyers can help you find out who is legally responsible for your injuries.

What if I live in a State Where Your Law Firm Doesn’t Have an Office?

Our lawyers travel throughout the United States to help people like you. When we handle cases in other states, we retain the services of local counsel, who then move to have us admitted pro hac vice, meaning “for this particular occasion.”

We write the demand letter, negotiate with insurance companies, hire forensic and medical experts, gather evidence, and take the case to trial if a settlement is not reached. Local counsel assists us with any local issues, for example serving legal papers. This allows us to handle cases all over the country.

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Proven Results:

We have obtained 100+ separate verdicts and settlements greater than $1 million:

$45 Million

We obtained this settlement for a man who lost his arm and leg in a gas pipeline explosion.

$45 Million

Our client suffered substantial injuries after ingesting a defective product.

$10 Million

Our client suffered burn injuries over 60% of his body in an explosion caused by improperly-odorized propane.

$10 Million

We represented seven children who suffered intestinal injuries as a result of a defective food product.

$9.5 Million

Our client suffered burn injuries over 50% of her body when a compressed natural gas line ruptured in a factory, causing an explosion.

$7.5 Million

We won this verdict for a child with kidney damage from E. coli.

See more settlements & verdicts.

Getting Our Clients the Care and Support They Need

We act as advocates for our clients from day one.

In a recent accident injury lawsuit, we represented a client who was seriously injured and wouldn’t be able to work for a very long time. As a father and husband, not being able to work meant that, without help, his family would have to struggle to get by. When we saw their need, we immediately took action.  We contacted a bank and explained the situation. The bank gave the family a loan that did not need to be repaid until the settlement was awarded.

When insurance companies stand in the way, we stand for you. 

We recently represented a man who needed a specialized wheelchair. We wrote a letter to the insurance company on behalf of our client and made sure that our client got the wheelchair.

 The lawyers at Pritzker Hageman Law Firm provided encouragement and promised that they would see me through to the end no matter the outcome.

Client Testimonial
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Eric was like, ‘We got this. We’ll take care of you. You’re all right.’ It’s a good thing, too, because I would have lost it. It was a very dismal situation, so it was an incredible help to have them in my corner. I could tell they weren’t just out for a check. They were real people.

Client Testimonial

Collapsed Lung and Kidney Damage

We are some of the few lawyers in the nation that have won millions for people who suffered kidney damage. Accidents that result in traumatic kidney failure are particularly dangerous and may contribute to post-traumatic multiple organ failure.

In a recent case, we helped a client who was hit by a vehicle that ran through a red light. When the police arrived, our client was unconscious and did not appear to be breathing. He was transported to the hospital, where it was found that his lung had been punctured and that it was collapsed. Our lawyers obtained a settlement in the amount of the auto insurance policy limit.

Crushed Limbs and Amputation

Our law firm has helped several people who have lost limbs in motorcycle, car, and truck crashes. Some of the clients we have helped have lost limbs due to infection. This happens when repeated attempts at drainage and debridement (removal of dead tissue) do not eliminate the infection, making amputation necessary.

In one recent case, we helped a client who was on his motorcycle when a semi-trailer passed on the left and ran him over, and crushed his leg. His doctors determined that the leg needed to be removed after several attempts to save it.

Many of the clients we have helped have had tibial plateau fractures. When the tibial plateau is broken or fractured, it can be very serious, with long-term consequences. Many tibial plateau fractures cause damage to the adjacent soft tissue. When the damage to the bone and/or tissue is significant, there can be long-term mobility issues, and partial or total knee replacement surgery may be required. Often, these long-term consequences don’t present right away. Our lawyers understand the importance of waiting to settle a case involving a tibial plateau injury because of the likelihood of one of these long-term issues presenting.

Sometimes accidents are not caused by poor driving, but by defective parts. We have represented clients who were seriously injured after accidents caused by defective parts. Our lawyers are experienced in conducting the investigations necessary to determine the cause of these complex accidents. They recently won a $3.75 million settlement for an amputation caused by a defective product in a motor vehicle.

“They would just sit down and tell me what to expect. I liked that. It built trust between us.”

Deanne, a client

Neck and Back Injuries


If the nerves in the spinal cord are injured, they can not send and receive messages from the brain. This can result in paralysis, either partial or total. We have represented clients who became paralyzed because of the negligence of another.

Back Injury

One of our clients contacted us after a back condition didn’t improve and she needed back fusion surgery. She had been hit by another vehicle weeks before, and the other driver was at fault.


Many of our clients have suffered whiplash, a soft-tissue injury to the neck.

Third and Fourth-Degree Burn Injuries

Many crashes that involve multiple or large vehicles result in fires and explosions. The heat from an explosion alone can cause third and fourth-degree burns and smoke from fires and explosions often prove to be fatal.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Our lawyers have represented many clients who suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after a crash. In one case, we helped a client who was injured while driving a car on a country road while her grandson was in the back seat. As she was driving through an intersection a farm sprayer crashed into her. The investigation found that our client had the right-of-way and was not at fault.

Eye Injury

Our law firm represented a client whose head was crushed when a tow truck hook crashed through the windshield of his truck. He lost his left eye and suffered severe brain damage. He and his wife had hired a lawyer from another law firm, but nothing was happening with the case. The lawyer hired our legal team to negotiate a settlement and we won millions of dollars for the family.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Make House and Hospital Calls

Our personal injury lawyers are licensed to practice in Minnesota. We make house and hospital calls because, many times, injured people are not able to come to our offices. Please contact our car accident settlement lawyers, and we will meet with you at our expense at your home, in the hospital, or wherever it is convenient for you.  

After being contacted by a family about a wrongful death case, our attorneys flew to visit the family.  A family barbecue was the highlight of the trip. In another case, our attorneys spent 2 days in an intensive care unit with a severely injured client and her family. These cases are not the exception.

Our lawyers understand the challenges injured people face after accidents. If you were injured in a car accident, focus on your family and recovery. We will focus on your future.