Ice And Snow Related Accidents – Commercial Trucks, Buses and Snow Plows

Snow Plow Accident

Snow and ice on Minnesota roads can cause a lot of problems in winter. It is important that all drivers drive carefully when they are dealing with winter weather. This includes commercial vehicle drivers (such as drivers of semi trucks, dump trucks, and other heavy trucks and equipment) as well as bus drivers and snow plow drivers.

If you or a family member was injured during icy or snowy conditions you can sue a driver, trucking company, or department for damages even if ice or snow was a factor in the accident. Snow and ice might have contributed to the likelihood of an accident, but it does not take fault away from the driver. Drivers are responsible for operating their vehicles safely whatever the weather conditions.

Attorney Eric Hageman recently represented a family in a Minnesota wrongful death lawsuit where a large, commercial truck slid on an icy road and then a car crashed into the trailer. The driver of the car tragically died at the scene. Eric helped the family of that driver obtain a substantial settlement.

Hennepin County Plow Truck Strikes and Kills Man at Holiday Gas Station

February 7, 2024 – A man was struck and killed by a Hennepin County plow truck at a Holiday gas station in northeast Minneapolis. When first responders arrived at the scene on East Hennepin Avenue, they confirmed the death of a man lying near the entrance. Officials say the crash happened as the plow truck was leaving the station. An investigation is underway.

Rochester Snowplow Strikes and Kills Pedestrian

February 19, 2023 – In a tragic accident, 69-year-old Linda Rud was struck and killed by a snowplow in Rochester, Minnesota. At the time of the crash, Linda was out walking on Pinewood Road SE when the snowplow backed into her. Sadly, she died at the scene. The city of Rochester owns and operates the snowplow that was involved in the accident. The plow driver, 32-year-old Jordan Dorhmann, has been placed on administrative leave. According to the Minnesota State Patrol, there are about 50 snowplow accidents each year, but crashes rarely involve pedestrians. Sgt. Troy Christianson told the Star Tribune that this was the first accident he had seen in 22 years. He said, “It’s a very terrible crash for the family and the whole city of Rochester.” An investigation is underway.

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