Below is just one of the many multimillion-dollar settlements our law firm has obtained for our clients. The case discussed below involved product liability. We also recently obtained a $5.1 million settlement for a client whose arm was crushed in a crash caused by a semi truck. After several surgeries done in an attempt to save the arm, it had to be amputated.

Our mission is to help our clients hold negligent drivers and corporate wrongdoers accountable. We know it is more than the money.

Attorney Fred Pritzker obtained a $3,750,000.00 federal court settlement on behalf of a 38-year-old man whose leg was amputated following an accident with a defective vehicle.

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The Injury

A defect in the vehicle caused the man to lose control and crash. He suffered a badly fractured ankle that required surgery and use of a cage-like apparatus screwed into his foot and leg in an effort to stabilize the broken bones and promote healing. Unfortunately, after many infections and surgeries, the man’s leg had to be amputated below the knee.

Complex Forensic Engineering Issues

The defendant in the case claimed that the crash was caused by operator error unrelated to any product defect. Mr. Pritzker gathered and presented evidence proving that the product was defective and that the defect caused the crash. To do this, they had to replicate the failure mode that gave rise to the crash, which involved complex engineering issues.

Because Mr. Pritzker practices extensively in the area of recall lawsuits, he was able to present persuasive evidence that resulted in a sizeable settlement for his client. Contact Fred about an amputation lawsuit.

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