Client Testimonial

After her accident, Deanne quickly discovered all lawyers are not alike. Her car was totaled, and she had bruises, scrapes, and a herniated disc. She wasn’t happy with the attitude of the first attorney she contacted. He made her feel that the fate of her little Geo Metro wasn’t big enough to warrant his concern. In the meantime, Deanne’s back condition didn’t improve, and she needed back fusion surgery.

Her husband got a referral to our law firm.  Deanne worked closely with attorney Fred Pritzker and Nancy, a paralegal, to collect damages for her car and her injuries.

“Those two are just wonderful people. They care about each person and want to know about you and how you feel. It was a very nice, warm family atmosphere.”

“Fred would just sit down and tell me what to expect. I liked that. It built trust between us. We settled out of court. But he did prepare us in case we had to go in that direction. Nothing can ever replace what I lost or what I continue to lose, but I was satisfied with what we got.”

“I have recommended Fred Pritzker, and I would do that over and over again. I was very pleased. They feel like a big part of my life. They are a wonderful bunch of people.”

Our Thanks

We would like to thank Deanne for this testimonial. It was our pleasure to have her as a client.

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