Loss of Limb from Auto or Motorcycle Accident

“Pritzker Hageman put me in touch with one of the country’s best prosthetists. Long before we had a settlement, I had a new leg and that meant a lot.’’One of Pritzker Hageman’s Clients

How Much Money Can I Get for the Loss of a Limb?

Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman Investigating an Accident
Attorneys at Pritzker Hageman inspecting a semi truck with two accident reconstruction specialists.

Eric Hageman and his team of attorneys at Pritzker Hageman recovered $6 million for a woman whose right leg was traumatically amputated in a motorcycle accident and $5.1 million for a man who lost a limb after a semi truck hit his motorcycle. However, every case is different, and past results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

The amount of money you get for the loss of an arm or leg from a traffic accident will depend on many factors, including (but not limited to) those below:

  • your occupation before the crash and whether the loss of the limb will adversely affect future earnings;
  • your age (part of a loss of income computation);
  • your lifestyle changes after the crash;
  • the person or company you are suing (insurance proceed limitations);
  • the state where a lawsuit is filed (some states limit pain and suffering compensation).

Your spouse may also have a claim for loss of companionship and other damages. The first step to getting money for you and your family is for our lawyers to gather evidence proving the other driver was at fault. The next step is to determine whom to sue. If you were in a crash and lost an arm or leg, you may have a personal injury claim against one or more drivers, a bus or trucking company and others. If the driver was drunk, you may be able to sue a bar or restaurant.

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Questions You May Have

  1. Can I get money to pay for a prosthesis?
    Yes, a lawsuit will seek money to pay for a prosthetic limb and additional amounts on top of that for the expected cost of future prosthetic devices you may need.
  2. How do I know who to sue?
    If you hire our law firm, we will do the digging to figure that out.
  3. What if I was partially at fault?
    You may still be able to win money if you were less than 50% at fault.
  4. What if the accident report says I was 100% at fault?
    Attorneys at Pritzker Hageman recently won at trial for a client in a case where the accident report said a commercial truck driver was not at fault. Our attorneys found evidence to the contrary and won over $2 million dollars for our client.
  5. What do I have to pay your law firm?
    We work on a contingency fee, which means we are not paid unless you win.
  6. Can you meet me at the hospital?
    Yes. We make home and hospital calls.
  7. What if I live in a state where you don’t have an office?
    We are a national law firm. Our lawyers travel throughout the United States to represent clients.

Amputation Compensation after an Auto or Motorcycle Accident

After your amputation, you may be contacted by insurance companies seeking a quick settlement. They will never offer you the amount of compensation you deserve. Do not talk with insurance representatives of the potentially-liable parties. Anything you say could be used by the insurance company to pay you less than you should get.

You have lost a limb, and you deserve justice. You won’t get your limb back, so the only way you will get the justice you deserve is to get the most money possible in an amputation lawsuit against all liable parties.

Compensation for amputation victims can include money for the following:

  • medical expenses
  • lost wages
  • lost earning capacity
  • disfigurement
  • pain and suffering
  • emotional distress
  • disability
  • loss of quality of life
  • other damages.

One of Our Cases

Most of our cases involving the loss of a limb have been caused by careless or reckless commercial truck drivers hitting motorcycles. In one of our cases, our client was riding his motorcycle with some best friends down a 2-lane road. He was in front and stopped to make a left turn. His friends were in a line behind him, all signaling to make the turn. Behind them was a Jeep with its brake lights on.

A semitrailer approached the line of cars, but instead of stopping, it passed on the left, which was illegal. As the semi neared the front of the line, our client, unaware of the big rig, made his turn. He was just clipped by the truck, or he would probably have been killed.

The truck driver didn’t stop after the accident, but just kept rolling. Our client’s friends took after her and forced her over. She said she didn’t know she had hit anyone.

Our client’s arm was badly mangled. After several surgeries, it had to be amputated.

Our client’s wife called us, and an attorney flew to meet with them and discuss their options. The couple decided to pursue compensation and hold the  driver and her employer accountable.

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