Negligent Truck Drivers Cause Serious Accidents on the Road [Updated]

Updated October 25, 2023 Over the past few months, negligent truck drivers have caused a chain of serious multi-vehicle accidents throughout the U.S. Distracted truck drivers caused many of these accidents by either crashing into slowing traffic from behind or crossing medians into oncoming traffic. Speeding to meet a deadline is no excuse to endanger lives on the road. Neither is doing anything that distracts from the task of safely driving a semi-truck.

At Pritzker Hageman, our team of semi-truck accident lawyers has won multi-million dollar settlements for victims and families harmed by negligent truck drivers. When a truck driver’s negligence results in injury or death, the driver can be held personally responsible for their actions. If a negligent party caused the death of your loved one, an experienced truck crash lawyer can help you file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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Large Truck Crashes Are Deadly and Dangerous

Large trucks weigh 20 to 30 times more than passenger vehicles, increasing the risk of a deadly crash. The number of large truck crashes has tripled since reaching an all-time low in 2009. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that 4965 people were killed in crashes involving large trucks in 2020.

Safety Experts Say Crash Avoidance Technology is Key for Prevention

According to a 2020 Insurance Insitute for Highway Safety (IIHS) study, two out of five crashes where a large truck rear-ends another vehicle could be prevented by forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems.

In the European Union, AEB with forward collision warning has been required on heavy trucks since 2013 but in the U.S., automakers are not required to equip vehicles with front crash prevention.

In 2016, several automakers that account for 99% of the U.S. market committed voluntarily with IIHS and NHTSA to equip new passenger vehicles with AEB by September 2022. According to data from Consumer Reports, fifteen automakers have fulfilled their commitment, including Audi, BMW, Ford/Lincoln, Honda/Acura, Hyundai/Genesis, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan/Infiniti, Stellantis, Subaru, Tesla, Toyota/Lexus, Volkswagen, and Volvo.

Rear-End Semi-Crashes News

Fiery Chain-Reaction Semi-Crash on I-94 Kills 2, Injures 6 in Western Wisconsin

Two people died and six others were injured when a semi-truck rear-ended slowing traffic in a construction zone, causing a fiery chain-reaction crash on I-94 in western Wisconsin. The Wisconsin State Patrol released an investigation report that said the semi was “traveling at highway speed, failed to identify the slowed traffic ahead.” Sadly, 45-year-old James Michael Shearer of Hammond died in the crash. James was driving a Ford pick-up truck that was struck in the crash. The semi-driver who caused the crash did not survive. Six other people who were injured have since been treated and released, including a six-year-old Minneapolis girl.

Passenger Injured in Chain-Reaction Truck Crash on I-94 Near Rogers, MN

19-year-old Gabriel Lara was a passenger in a box truck when he was seriously injured in a chain reaction crash on I-94 near Rogers, MN. The Minnesota State Patrol says the crash happened on Monday, August 22, 2022, when the box truck failed to stop for traffic in the westbound lane of I-94 near Highway 101. The box truck driver, Miguel Perez (42), died in the crash. Lara was transported to North Memorial Hospital with life-threatening injuries. No other injuries have been reported.

Wisconsin Driver Dies After Semi-Truck Crashes into Slowing Traffic on I-90

A 59-year-old driver from Elkhorn, WI died in a semi-crash on I-39/90/94 on Sunday, August 21, 2022. According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, the semi-crash happened when a commercial truck rear-ended a sedan on northbound I-90. The impact of the crash caused the semi to flip over the media and crash into the southbound lanes of I-39. Sadly, the sedan’s driver died at the scene. The semi-driver, a 35-year-old, sustained minor injuries.

Semi-Truck Causes Multi-Vehicle Crash on Highway 169 in Jordan, MN

A semi-truck crashed into the back of several vehicles that were stopped for a red light on Highway 169 in Jordan, MN. The Minnesota State Patrol says that the crash happened on Saturday, July 16, 2022, when a northbound semi-truck caused a multi-vehicle crash. Three people were hospitalized, including a 30-year-old woman from St. Paul who is in critical condition.

Semi-Crash on I-94 in Moorhead, MN Kills 3 Family Members

Three family members died after a semi-truck rear-ended their vehicle in a construction zone on I-94 in Moorhead, MN. The Minnesota State Patrol says the semi-crash happened on Saturday, July 16, 2022, when an SUV was rear-ended by a Penner International semi-truck that failed to slow down for stopped traffic. Sadly, Robert C. Correll (65), his wife Linda M. Correll (65), and Linda’s mother Shirley A. Gatkze (89) died in the semi-crash.

Semi-Crash on I-35 Injures 12 People After Truck Fails to Stop in Construction Zone in Webster Township, MN

Twelve people were injured, including five children, after a semi-truck crashed into traffic stopped for construction on I-35 in Webster Township. According to the Minnesota State Patrol, the crash happened on Monday, September 20, 2021, when a semi crashed into six vehicles stopped for construction in the southbound lanes of I-35. Twelve people sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Dwain Thomas Wiener (33) of Le Center and his passenger Makenna Jo Beling (15) of Erie, ND were taken to Northfield Hospital. A 28-year-old man from Laramie, WY who was driving a 2017 Camaro was also taken to Northfield Hospital. Four people traveling in a Chrysler 300C, including a 26-year-old Faribault woman and three children aged ten, four, and two, were transported to District One Hospital in Faribault. A 37-year-old Apple Valley man and a 51-year-old Faribault woman riding in a Toyota Camry were taken to Fairview Ridges Hospital in Burnsville. The semi-truck driver, Murray D. Wood (58) of Manitoba, was uninjured in the crash.

Two Dead After Semi Fails to Stop for Slowing Traffic in Ames, IA

Two people died after a semi-truck failed to stop for slowing traffic on I-35 near Ames, Iowa. The Iowa State Patrol says the crash happened shortly before 2 p.m. on Monday, September 6. A southbound semi-truck failed to stop for slowing traffic and crashed into a pick-up truck. Gordan Martens (81) and Nora Martens (79), both of Van Meter, died in the crash.

Dump Truck Crash on Highway 55 in Rosemount, MN Kills 2

Two people were killed after a dump truck crashed into stopped traffic on Highway 55 in Rosemount, MN. The crash happened on Thursday, October 18th when a dump truck crashed into multiple vehicles that were stopped at a red light. The crash resulted in two deaths.

Semi-Crash on I-894 in Greenfield, WICaused by Driver Pulled From Service

A semi-truck driver caused a crash on I-894 that injured three people, just hours after he had been pulled from service. The crash happened on Monday, August 26th when a Freightliner semi-truck crashed into slowing traffic on southbound I-894 at Hale Interchange near Greenfield, WI. The driver was arrested for driving without the required Class-A commercial vehicle license and for operating while under an out-of-service order.

Dump Truck Causes Chain-Reaction Crash in Construction Zone on I-94 in Racine County

A dump truck caused a chain-reaction crash on I-94 in Racine County, WI that injured 10 people on Saturday, August 10th, 2019. The crash happened when the dump truck crashed into traffic that was slowing down in a construction zone in the southbound lanes of I-94 near Ten Mile Road. Rescue crews transported ten people who were injured in the crash.

Fiery Semi Crash on I-94 in Racine County Kills 2, Injures Several

At approximately 11:00 a.m. on June 19, 2019, a semi-truck traveling near Highway 20 in Caledonia, WI crashed through a bridge barrier over I-94, pushing the concrete median divider into oncoming traffic, causing three cars to crash into it. The driver of a second semi-truck, traveling behind the three cars, swerved to avoid catastrophically hitting them, causing his semi to go off the bridge and fall on the road below which led to a fire and explosion. The drivers of both semi trucks were fatally injured in the crashes and multiple victims were transported to area hospitals with serious to critical impact and burn-related injuries. Police are calling the driver of the semi-truck that went over the bridge a hero for sacrificing his life to save the occupants of the three cars in front of him.

Semi Crash on I-94 in Woodbury, MN Kills 1, Injures 1

On the morning of June 13th, 2019, the driver of a Freightliner semi-truck on I-94 near Radio Drive failed to slow down when traffic in front of it began to stop.  The truck struck one vehicle from behind which led to a chain reaction of further crashes involving two additional vehicles. The driver of the vehicle struck by the semi, 33-year-old Andrew Russ, was pronounced dead at the scene. 39-year-old Bonnie Brewer Rizzardi sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to Region’s Hospital.

Semi Crash on Chicago’s Kennedy Expressway Injures 9

A semi crashed into several vehicles on the Kennedy Expressway on the morning of Sunday, June 9, 2019, sending nine people to the hospital. The semi was traveling southbound on I-90 near Harlem Avenue when it caused the chain-reaction crash. Illinois State Police cited the driver for failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision. Nine people were taken to area hospitals for treatment and one woman, a 23-year-old from Chicago, is listed in critical condition.

Semi-Crash on I-70 Near Lakewood, CO Kills 4, Injures 6

A fiery crash on I-70 near the Denver suburb of Lakewood, CO killed four people and injured six. The crash happened when a truck driver lost control and slammed into a group of cars that stopped in traffic, causing a diesel spill that fueled an inferno burning as hot as 2,500˚ F.

Semi Crash on Highway 55 Kills Buffalo Man

A Buffalo, MN man died on Highway 55 in Hennepin County when a truck driver hit his vehicle head-on. The man died at the scene after a semi crossed the median and struck his vehicle.

Semi-Crash on Ohio Turnpike Kills 3, Injures 4

A head-on semi-crash on the Ohio Turnpike killed three people and injured four. The crash happened when the semi crossed the median and hit a pickup truck. After crossing the median, the semi’s trailer came loose and struck a second vehicle.

Semi Crash in Washtenaw County Injures 2 After Driver Falls Asleep at Wheel

A semi crash in Washtenaw County, MI critically injured two people when the semi-driver fell asleep at the wheel. The semi had collided with a car, went through the guardrail, and struck a second vehicle.

Semi-Crash on Highway 151 in Columbus County Kills 1, Injures 7

A semi-driver caused a fatal crash on Highway 151 in Columbus County, WI, killing one person and injuring seven. Police say the crash was caused by distracted driving and speeding through a work zone.

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