Lawsuit against At-Fault Truck Driver

The primary issue in an accident case is fault. Our experience is that most at-fault semi truck drivers did one of the following:

  1. Drove inattentively.  A distracted driver is usually reading, talking no a cell phone, eating, reaching for something or daydreaming.
  2. Failed to stop for a stop sign or light.  When this happens the tractor-trailer often broadsides another vehicle or runs over a pedestrian. A broadside accident is sometimes referred to as a t-bone accident.
  3. Merged improperly into traffic.  We have represented families whose loved ones were crushed by a big rig that improperly merged into another lane of traffic. In one case, the lane of traffic was a bike lane.  The bicyclist, a young mother, died.
  4. Did not slow down in a construction zone.  These cases usually involve rear-end accidents.
  5. Speeded.  Speeding is a contributory factor in many accidents.
  6. Drove too close to another vehicle.  If a semi tailgates and has to stop fast, the people in the car ahead are going to get hurt or killed.  We have seen it many times.  There have also been situations where big rigs are driving so close and so fast that the literally run over a car.
  7. Turned in an unsafe manner.  Before a semi truck driver turns, he or she is supposed to look for pedestrians, bicycles, cars and other vehicles.  Many of these cases involve situations where the commercial truck driver failed to give another driver the right of way.
  8. Drove drunk or drugged up.  When an accident is caused by a drunk truck driver, there may also be a dram shop claim against a bar, restaurant or other place that sells liquor.  Commercial vehicle operators violate state and federal laws when they driver under the influence of medication that impairs their ability to drive safely.  Obviously, driving under the influence of illegal medication violates the law.
  9. Parked illegally.  We just settled a case where a tractor-trailer was parked illegally.  The trailer stuck out into a snowmobile lane.  A young man driving a snowmobile crashed into the truck trailer and died.
Attorneys Inspect Truck
Attorney Eric Hageman inspects a truck that has been in a crash. We look for evidence, including any indication that a defective product caused the wreck or contributed in any way to the severity of the crash. Contact our law firm for a FREE case evaluation (click here now) with one of our lead lawyers for these cases: Fred Pritzker or Eric Hageman.

Our lawyers have recovered millions for victims of truck accidents and their families, including a recent settlement for $2,560,000 for a couple whose car was rear ended by a tractor-trailer and $2,700,000 for a family in a wrongful death case. You can call 612-338-0202 or click here now to contact our lawyers and get your free consultation. Talk to a semi truck accident lawyer at Pritzker Hageman law firm about your personal injury or wrongful death claim.