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M&M’S Theater Box Recall, Risk of Anaphylactic Shock

Mars Chocolate North America issued a recall of certain boxes of M&M’S candies sold at theaters because the outside of the box did not list peanuts as an ingredient. But look at what was allegedly found inside one of the…

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Chicken Liver Pâté and Campylobacter

Raw and undercooked chicken livers contaminated with Campylobacter bacteria have sickened at least 5 people in Oregon and Ohio, according to Oregon health officials. All of the people sickened in the outbreak of Campylobacter infections (campylobacteriosis) reported eating undercooked or…

Sue Wins Chili Cook-Off
Sue Kaiser Wins Chili Cook-Off

PritzkerOlsen’s Sue Kaiser won the 30th Annual Charles ChiliFest Cook-Off with her white chili recipe beating out 15 competitors.

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Food Safety Attorney Fred Pritzker Quoted in ABA Journal

Attorney Fred Pritzker was quoted in the November 2013 edition of the American Bar Association Journal (ABA Journal). The article, “It’s What’s for Dinner: Montana legalizes the consumption of roadkill“, discussed Montana’s recent legalization of the consumption of roadkill. Later this…

Lawyer for Sepsis and Septicemia
Sepsis Lawsuit Settlements

Sepsis (sometimes referred as septicemia) tops the list of the 10 most expensive inpatient conditions, according to the CDC. The reason is because an infection is running amok in a patient’s body and can cause multiple organ failure and death.…

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Fred Pritzker, Carla Solberg Gillespie and Linda Larsen listed as 3 of the Most Influential Food Safety Social Media Users

Attorney Fred Pritzker is on a list of the most influential food safety social media users in the United States. He is joined by two writers for the food safety news site sponsored by our law firm, Food Poisoning Bulletin.…

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Food Safety and Healthcare Management

We took down an infographic from this page that was linking to a questionable site.  

5 Things to Know if You Get Food Poisoning

Below are 5 things food poisoning victims should know: If you ate somewhere and then got sick right away, you most likely did not get sick from that restaurant because the incubation period for foodborne pathogens is generally at least…

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Attorney Fred Pritzker Quoted in Aljazeera Article

Attorney Fred Pritzker was quoted by Aljazeera in a story on the risks associated with the globalization of the food supply. Fred is representing victims of the Cyclospora outbreak linked to Taylor Farms salad mix from Mexico. The outbreak has…

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Crab Spread Recall: Listeria Lawyers Provide Free Consultation

Listeria lawyer Fred Pritzker is investigating a crab spread recall that was issued by GoldCoast Salads, a Naples, Florida company. GoldCoast recalled Blue Crab Spread because it may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, a dangerous foodborne pathogen that can cause…

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Casper Golden Corral Norovirus Outbreak in Wyoming

The Golden Corral restaurant in Casper, Wyoming closed last week after a norovirus outbreak was associated with the restaurant. Almost 200 people reported getting the viral illness, which has flu-like symptoms. According to the Casper-Natrona County Health Department, the Golden…

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Najwa’s Catering Linked to Mankato Civic Center Norovirus Outbreak: MN Lawyer Providing Lawsuit Information

Over 50 people who ate food at Mankato Civic Center events contracted norovirus. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) determined that the norovirus outbreak was caused by a food handler working for Najwa’s Catering, the caterer for the two events.…