Congressional Award Foundation Campers Sickened, Possibly Food Poisoning

Dozens of students participating in a Congressional Award Foundation camp at George Mason University have been sickened, most likely by food poisoning.

On Wednesday, the students also attended Congressional Award Gold Medal ceremonies on Capital Hill. They also ate at a Washington D.C. restaurant and went to a Washington Nationals Game.

George Mason University, the Arlington, Virginia campus, did not serve food to the students at any of its on-campus dining locations on Wednesday or Today, but a food product served earlier in the week could have caused the outbreak.  The incubation period for some foodborne pathogens is several days.

According to news reports, some of the students began getting sick at and on their way back to the dorms from the Washington Nationals baseball game, which means the contaminated food responsible for this outbreak was probably not served there—it takes at least 3 hours for even norovirus symptoms to appear.

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