Author: Attorney Fred Pritzker

Our food safety attorneys help food poisoning victims and their families hold companies accountable for contaminating food with Campylobacter, Cyclospora, E. coli, ListeriaSalmonella and other dangerous pathogens.  Below are 5 good reasons to hire us to file a food poisoning lawsuit on your behalf:

  1. By filing a lawsuit, there is more assurance that available insurance money is not depleted by payments to other victims.
  2. When a lawsuit is filed, we can get early access to relevant corporate documents.  Without a lawsuit, we cannot force them to share any information.
  3. A lawsuit crystallizes the food safety message that you and we want to send.
  4. A lawsuit can lead to a faster settlement.
  5. When the media covers a lawsuit, they want to have contact with the victim or his/her family so they can tell the story from the standpoint of the victim. This allows people like you to be a voice for food safety and the reforms necessary to prevent this from happening to someone else.

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