John and Pat

Testimonial from the Wife of a Client Who Contracted Listeriosis

“I rushed my husband John to the nearest emergency room.  I had thought he had the flu, but after two days, I realized that this was much more serious.

When John tested positive for listeriosis, our family was horrified. We had no idea what had made him sick or how any of this was possible.

Our sons immediately flew home, and the rest of my family gathered around.

Watching as the illness took its toll on John’s body I was under terrible stress. The possibility that he might die overwhelmed me.

Husband and Wife Clients Sitting
John and Pat

As the doctors worked, and John fought hard to overcome this illness, my sons determined that we must find legal counsel. Quite frankly, I could have cared less.  The only thing that mattered was John’s survival.

But following the advice of my family, I began to interview lawyers.  Lawyers from Pritzker Hageman came to the rehab hospital in July to meet with my brother and me. By then, my sons had returned to their respective homes. The lawyers met John, and quietly told me that John could and would recover. They knew more about listeria meningitis than any doctor I had so far met! They gave me hope, and when I hired the Pritzker Hageman firm, they gave us their care and advice many times.

I will say that hiring the Pritzker Hageman law firm was one of the best decisions I made throughout this ordeal. They are smart, caring, and incredibly hard working.

Our lawyers came to our home. We spent the day together, had dinner, and talked and shared. John and I knew then, that we had more than just good lawyers. They had become our friends.

Pritzker Hageman fought very hard to get us a fair settlement, and for that I am grateful. I thank the lawyers and their staff, for helping us traverse this particular phase of our life’s journey. Each exhibited much knowledge and insight into the devastation of listeria meningitis.

I want any person who suffers a serious food borne illness to know that legal help is available through the Pritzker law firm. They are exemplary lawyers.

Thank you for being there for us.”

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