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Tariq knew he wanted to go to law school after reading Alexis de Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America.” He was inspired by Tocqueville’s observation that lawyers and jury trials were the essential pillars that protected democracy in America. It resonated deeply with him that a lawyer’s job is to protect and enforce the rights of citizens equally under the law and to protect those rights against the tyranny of the majority. When historians look at almost every major dispute in this country, more often than not those disputes were settled in a court room. By attorneys, judges, jurys and the American court system upholding the rule of law in this way these disputes can be resolved  without the unrest and bloodshed that you see in other countries.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to help otherwise marginalized people. I see clients all the time who have been overlooked, exploited, and lied to. The more powerful and wealthy the at-fault party is, the more the injured person is given the short end of the stick. I take great pride in being able to help clients get compensation that is rightfully theirs.” – Tariq

Personal and Family Life

Tariq was born and raised in London. His father is English and his mother is from Morocco. There was a big age gap between his parents (25 years) as well as some pretty big cultural differences. Tariq’s father currently lives in England with Tariq’s three younger sisters and his mother now lives in Spain. Tariq’s oldest sister is a high school science teacher, and the youngest two are still in school themselves.

Tariq swam competitively growing up and moved to the U.S. for college because there were many more opportunities for him to train, compete and go to school than if he stayed in London. Neither of his parents attended college, so he saw the opportunity to go to college as its own a great opportunity. Also, since his parents were not in a financial position to be able to help with tuition, the opportunity to get a scholarship was something that he didn’t want to turn down. Tariq attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison because it had a great mix of athletics and academics. After graduating from Madison, he knew he wanted to stay in the Midwest and the University of Minnesota law school was an easy choice because it had an excellent reputation and Tariq knew Minnesota would be a great place to live.

“Being part of the team at Pritzker Hageman provides me with the chance to help people who are being wronged and taken advantage of. Insurance companies, manufacturers, trucking companies, healthcare providers – these organizations can get away with egregious behavior if left unchecked. Being a Personal Injury lawyer helps me to level the playing field for individuals who aren’t given a fair deal.” – Tariq

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