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Raised by farmers and educators in central Minnesota, Ray has a deep appreciation for hard work and public service. After watching his parents tirelessly give back to their community, Ray became eager to follow in their footsteps and pursue a career in advocacy. As a former mechanic and auto body technician, Ray understands how injuries can interrupt someone’s life. In the aftermath of a car accident, it was his job to give people back their freedom by putting their vehicles back on the road. Ray’s background as a mechanic helps him understand the science and engineering of complex cases, particularly when a faulty car repair done by a mechanic or auto body shop leads to an accident.

Ray describes himself as an “insurance prosecutor” who stands up to large corporations on behalf of real people.

Insurance companies make money by collecting premiums in exchange for their promise to compensate people injured or killed by defective products, contaminated food, negligence, and wrongful conduct. All our clients want is to be treated fairly and understand their rights. All too often, insurance companies take advantage of their vulnerability and rely on intimidation to underpay claims and maximize corporate profits. These companies try to complicate and delay the claims process by overwhelming people with forms, questions, and other hurdles until they are too exhausted to pursue their rights. But Ray Trueblood-Konz does not let insurance companies bully his clients with scare tactics. Instead, his tenacity and passion for the pursuit of justice and fairness motivate him to fight even harder for his clients, their families, and the communities in which we live.

Having successfully resolved cases all over the United States, Ray has been recognized as a Super Lawyers Rising Star and received other accolades such as a Martindale-Hubbell Client Distinction Award. In one notable case, Ray represented a young man who was severely burned when his vintage Ford Pinto exploded during an otherwise insignificant car accident. Evidence found that the manufacturer knew the car was defective but chose to endanger lives by protecting their bottom line instead of updating the car’s design.

Personal and Family Life

Ray has a big family and enjoys spending time with his spouse, stepdaughters, nephews, siblings, parents, and friends. He is passionate about the outdoors, good conversation, public service, and the arts. As a former mechanic, Ray can often be found at car shows and swap meets. Ray comes from a musical family and plays piano and saxophone. His philanthropic work has included representing children through the Children’s Law Center, and service on the board of VSA Minnesota, an organization that has increased disabled persons’ access to and participation in the arts.

The law firm Lathrop GPM (formerly Gray Plant Mooty), where Ray was practicing at the time, awarded him a prestigious 2018 ‘All-Star award’ for the over 200 hours of pro bono work he put in that year on behalf of multiple non-profits, including a local historical society and an organization representing the interests of children in foster care. Upon conferring the award, Lathrop GPM, wrote, “Ray Konz is a passionate advocate for his clients and takes a just and composed approach to his cases, regardless of how combative they may be.”

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