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We understand that you’re going through the most excruciating time. But we’re here for you. You find the system confusing and don’t want to say anything that will cause a problem. We’ve got you covered.

How do I know if I have a case?

When you contact our law firm, you can request a free consultation with one of our lawyers. He or she will listen to your story and possibly ask for additional information, including medical records.

To have a case, your injuries must have been caused, at least in part, by the negligence of another person or a company. For example, if you were burned when a pipeline exploded, the gas company or another entity would have to be legally responsible.

We’re a small, personal firm that regularly wins against Fortune 500 companies. We’ve successfully represented hundreds of people like you in similar cases over the years.

What about medical bills?

Our lawyers can work with insurance companies and your medical providers to put off payment of medical bills until you get a settlement or win money at trial.

How much is my case worth?

To determine how much your case is worth, our lawyers need to answer several questions. How badly were you hurt and how are the injuries affecting your life? How long were you unable to work? Who was at fault? Is a company legally responsible?

Your Pritzker Hageman lawyer will work with you to get the information needed to determine how much your case is worth. We handle large cases and have over 70 settlements and verdicts over one million dollars, including multiple $45 million settlements obtained by attorneys at Pritzker Hageman.

Will my lawyer keep in contact with me?

Yes, your lawyer will guide you through the process and keep you updated on your case. In addition, our lawyers regularly travel to meet with clients.

How long will it take to get compensation?

It depends. In some cases it is months; in some, years. We don’t cut corners to quickly settle a case, but we understand the need to get full compensation as quickly as possible.

Can I lose my right to get compensation from the wrongdoer?

Yes, if you wait too long to go after the wrongdoer, you may lose your right to do so. The law gives an injured person only so long to file a claim, generally one to three years. Waiting to take action can also result in lost or destroyed evidence.

What if my injured family member died?

We are sorry that your loved one has died. We understand that you want answers.

Wrongful death laws provide families with the right to seek answers and get compensation. Our lawyers have used these laws to help families find out what happened and win multimillion-dollar recoveries. Find out if you can sue for wrongful death.

What if my child is injured?

If your minor child is injured, you can take action on your child’s behalf. We have helped many families whose children were harmed in accidents and by defective products, including food.

In a recent case, we won $7.55 million for a child who contracted an E. coli infection and developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, a severe complication that causes kidney failure.

How Much Will Hiring Your Law Firm Cost Me?

Our law firm is not paid unless you win. You do not have to pay any hourly fees, nor do you have to pay any amount of money up front. The expenses and attorney fees are taken out of the total amount of your settlement or jury verdict.

Some of the Reasons Clients Contact Us…

Woman looking for legal advice

“I need a lawyer to tell me if I have a case and explain what to expect as I go forward.”

You’ve never been through something like this before. You need to know if you have a case and you need information about what happens if you decide to bring a claim for your injuries.

At no cost to you, either in a brief phone conversation or by email, we’ll quickly tell you if you have case, explain the process of bringing a claim and answer your questions. Then you can make informed decisions about what’s best for you.

Man Needing Lawyer To Protect His Family

“I need a lawyer to get my bills paid and make sure there’s more than enough money for my future.”

Most people who suffer a severe injury or love someone who has are worried. And with good reason: there are significant medical expenses, lost income and physical and emotional injuries that may never heal.

We help our clients get the compensation they deserve which includes making wrongdoers pay for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress and all the future harms and losses severely injured people are likely to experience. You should not have to face a life of financial hardship and we’ll do our best to make sure you don’t.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure your medical bills are paid and you’re receiving any wage loss or disability benefits to which you’re entitled. If you’re recovering from severe injuries, the last thing you need to worry about is unpaid medical bills or getting the run-around from an insurance company.

We’ll also make sure you’re receiving all the medical care and equipment you need to get better. For example, if you need a wheel chair or the proper medical device, we’ll help you get them. If you’re not seeing the proper doctors, we’ll help with that too.

In fact, if you’re having any problems at all due to your injuries, we’re there to help and guide you through it. After 40 years and thousands of clients, there’s not very many things we haven’t seen or fixed before.

“I need a lawyer who cares about me as a human being.”

You’re going through a life changing and incredibly unpleasant experience. You have a right to be represented by a lawyer who treats you with respect and dignity. Like a trusted physician, we cannot guarantee a perfect outcome, but we can and do promise to be your guide and friend as we pursue your claim together.

Woman Needs Money and a Lawyer

“I need a lawyer to hold the wrongdoers accountable and make sure what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

We’ve represented thousands of clients in some of the biggest and most complicated cases in the United States. Injured people deserve to be fully compensated for their losses, but they want more than just money. People like you want to make sure that what happened to you does not happen to anyone else. You also want wrongdoers held accountable and face consequences for what they did to you.

We strongly agree. Justice for injured people includes but is not limited to money; it means preventing harm to others and making wrongdoers responsible for their injurious conduct.

Woman Needs the Best Lawyer

“I need a lawyer who gets paid only if I win my case.”

Severely injured people cannot afford to pay money out of their pocket to hire a lawyer. That’s why we work for you on a contingent-fee basis. We do not get paid unless we win your case. And in the unlikely event there is no recovery, you owe us nothing. In other words, we take the risk so you don’t have to.

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