James’s Story

“You showed compassion.”

Client Testimonial Image“The settlement from my case allows me to live independently after having been forced to rely on others for care. I can now afford to hire folks to help me with the physical tasks I cannot do on my own. I can once again live on my own without needing to depend on my parents for financial support.

When I called Pritzker Hageman, I remember one of the first things my attorney said to me on the phone was that he was so sorry this happened. I can’t describe the meaningfulness of that sort of simple, genuine acknowledgment. If I had any doubt that this was the right firm for me, this comment sealed the deal.

Moreover, I sought experience and the firm provided it. It’s clear from the firm’s history and their handling of food poisoning cases that they have been successful in achieving significant monetary awards to compensate clients devastated by the effects of food-borne illness, particularly the Listeria bacteria. The relatively small size of the firm is a definite plus. You aren’t a “number” and it’s a place that’s very family-oriented.

As important to me as it was to gain a financial settlement, an even greater reward of our food poisoning litigation was holding the food company accountable for selling products tainted with such a dangerous bacteria.”


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