Salmonella at Burger King in Bemidji Investigated by MN Law Firm

Our law firm is investigating a Salmonella outbreak associated with Burger King in Bemidji, Minnesota.

At least 27 people have been sickened in a Salmonella outbreak associated with eating at a Burger King restaurant in Bemidji, Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). These are confirmed cases, meaning the people have been diagnosed with Salmonella infections, also called salmonellosis. There are also 4 suspected cases, according to MDH. It can take weeks for a report of illness to be confirmed, so the number of confirmed illnesses in this outbreak may grow.

Restaurants are legally responsible when a sick employee causes a Salmonella outbreak. We are providing free lawsuit evaluations to people sickened after eating at a Burger King in Bemidji.

Most of the people were sickened in September, but when others were sickened in November, MDH became involved.

There are two Burger King restaurants in Bemidji, and both closed voluntarily on Thursday, November 30, 2017. When the first cases were identified in September, both buildings were cleaned. We are not yet sure whether the restaurants were closed at that time.

MDH suspects that a sick employee (or employees) caused the outbreak. “We do clearly have evidence of food worker illness being part of the problem,” said Doug Shultz, a representative of MDH.

When a worker who prepares food has diarrhea or is vomiting, there is a high risk of transmitting that illness to others. To prevent illness, restaurant managers are supposed to send home employees who have diarrhea or are vomiting. If a restaurant finds out that one of its employees has been diagnosed with Salmonella, Minnesota law requires them to notify MDH. We are not sure what happened in this outbreak at this time. Once a lawsuit is filed, we will learn more.

Salmonella Lawsuit: 5 Reasons to Sue

Our Salmonella lawyers help have won millions for clients sickened at restaurants, including $4.5 million for one client who suffered kidney failure. This is a dangerous pathogen that can cause organ failure from sepsis, brain damage due to Salmonella meningitis, and severe colitis from the Salmonella infection in the colon. If a patient dies, the family may have a wrongful death lawsuit in Minnesota.

Salmonella Magnified 8000 Times
This is a grouping of Gram-negative, Salmonella bacteria that had been isolated from a pure culture. The bacteria are magnified 8000 times.

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