Salmonella Lawsuit: 5 Reasons to Sue for Compensation

Can I Sue for Salmonella?

Yes, you can sue for Salmonella poisoning if there is evidence connecting your illness to a food product or restaurant. In many cases, you can sue more than one company, which is important if you were severely sickened. Our lawyers have filed hundreds of lawsuits and won millions, including a landmark $6.5 million verdict.

If you or a loved one has been sickened by food tainted with Salmonella, contact the lawyers on our Salmonella food poisoning legal team at 1-888-377-8900 (text us at: 612-261-0856) or contact us online below.

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5 Reasons to File a Salmonella Lawsuit

Our Salmonella lawyers can help you hold food manufacturers and restaurants accountable for selling unsafe food. Below are 5 reasons to file a lawsuit.

  1. Get important information about what caused your illness. There is a lot of information you can’t get from the health department and companies without first filing a lawsuit. After one is filed, our lawyers can take legal steps to get that information. This is because there are laws written to help people who sue get evidence to help them prove the case. Call 1-888-377-8900 (toll-free) to contact our lawyers for a free lawsuit evaluation.
  2. Get paid before money runs out. You will probably only have a case if you are part of an outbreak of illnesses, meaning you are not the only one who will be trying to get money. Although food companies and restaurants are required to have insurance to pay people who are sickened, there is a limited amount of insurance money. For example, there may be $10 million under the insurance contract to pay all of the people sickened in one outbreak. We have won $7.5 million for one person, so then there would be $2.5 million for everyone else. There may be other sources of money, but we have had cases where the outbreak resulted in the company going bankrupt.
  3. Send a message that safety comes before profit. It is never okay to sell food contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. It is not only disgusting, it can make people really sick. One of our clients was a baby when he got sick. He developed meningitis and almost died. Several surgeries later, he was alive but had permanent brain damage. It is such a tragic case, and it should not have happened. The lawsuit is the only way this family is going to get any justice because CEOs and other corporate executives and managers almost never go to prison for selling food contaminated with dangerous pathogens. You were harmed by unsafe food, and your lawsuit is one way to let the company responsible know that it is not okay. We have clients who are food safety heroes. One couple is particularly dear. The husband, who almost died, has permanent brain damage that has affected his ability to work, walk and communicate. Although it is hard for him, he and his wife speak out at every opportunity about the need for better food safety laws. They have even spoken before Congress.
  4. Be a voice for better food safety laws. We often get calls from the news media asking us if we have a client who has filed a lawsuit and would like to be interviewed. This is one way to let the public know that food contaminated with Salmonella makes real people sick, people like you.
  5. Get a fair settlement faster. In some cases, we can get our clients a fair settlement (millions sometimes) without filing a lawsuit. In other cases, filing a lawsuit has been necessary to get our clients the money we believe they deserve. Getting the settlement quickly becomes important when there are huge medical bills because the person has developed complications like reactive arthritis, meningitis, colitis (when there is bloody diarrhea), and sepsis, which then carries the infection throughout the body (our Salmonella wrongful death cases generally involve sepsis). We have had clients with these complications who were hospitalized for weeks or months.

Questions You May be Asked by a Lawyer at Our Law Firm

When you call our law firm, you will talk to one of the following lawyers: Fred Pritzker, Eric Hageman, or David Coyle. They are our lead lawyers for these cases. You may be asked one or more of the following questions:

  1. Have you been treated at a hospital or by a physician for your illness?
  2. Have you been tested to see whether you have a salmonellosis? Salmonella
  3. If you were tested, did you test positive for Salmonella?
  4. Has any local or state health department contacted you about your illness?
  5. If so, did the health department tell you that you are part of an outbreak?
  6. If so, did the health department tell you the source of the outbreak?
  7. If the source of the outbreak was a food product, when did you consume the food product and do you have leftovers?
  8. If a restaurant was involved in the outbreak, when did you eat at the restaurant and do you have leftovers?
  9. When did you first develop symptoms?
  10. What were your symptoms?
  11. Did your infection develop into bacteremia?
  12. Do you have reactive arthritis?


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