Semi Truck Rear Ends Motorcycle on Foggy Road, Killing Driver

A motorcyclist died in a crash with a semi truck on U.S. Highway 95, just south of Las Vegas. According to the Nevada Highway Patrol preliminary report, the Honda Shadow motorcycle and a 1997 Freightliner semi-tractor trailer were both traveling northbound when the semi hit the back of the motorcycle.

The motorcyclist, a 59-year-old man from North Las Vegas, was thrown from the bike and fatally injured. He was transported to a hospital, but died upon arrival.

The severe fog and subsequent reduced visibility may have been a factor in the crash, according to the state patrol.

Severe Fog as a Factor in a Crash

Commercial truck drivers hauling loads weighing tens of thousands of pounds are required by law to drive at a speed necessary to prevent accidents, even if that speed is way under the posted speed limit. This being said, an attorney needs to be consulted.

Attorney Eric Hageman recently won a settlement for a family in a case where a semi-trailer jackknifed on a slick road and a car crashed into the truck, killing the car’s driver. The family was not sure if there was a wrongful death case against the semi truck driver and trucking company.

Car Inspection by Attorney Eric Hageman
Attorney Eric Hageman inspects a vehicle during an independent investigation.

An attorney conducting an independent investigation of the 18-wheeler accident may look at the following:

  • evidence from the scene;
  • the vehicles involved (each inspected);
  • black box data (should provide evidence of speed);
  • documentation regarding the number of hours the driver was on the road;
  • trucking company documents;
  • freight company documents;
  • weigh station information;
  • FMCSA regulation violations, if applicable.

What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

When a family member dies because of the negligence of a person or company, the family may have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit seeking compensation. These lawsuits help families get answers and hold all wrongdoers accountable.

For example, a husband devastated by the death of his wife hired attorneys Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman to find out if the police report was in error. The report stated that his wife, who was riding her bicycle when she was run over by a truck, was at fault for the accident. Fred and Eric hired an accident reconstruction specialist, dug through reams of corporate documents and interviewed the truck driver. They found evidence that the truck driver was at fault. They won at trial.

Below is the accident reconstruction animation.

Each state has its own wrongful death statute, which outlines what family members are able to sue and if a representative for the family needs to be appointed. This representative will be the one who makes decisions on the family’s behalf, so it needs to be someone who is trusted.


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