Semi Truck and Motorcycle Crash Lawsuit

Depositions to Prove Fault and Damages

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I am handling a case where a semi truck saw a line of vehicles waiting at a stop sign, and instead of stopping, passed the line of vehicles and hit a left-turning biker, now my client, whose leg was so badly crushed that it had to be amputated. The litigation is at the deposition stage. Below is a brief explanation of depositions for cases like this one.

What is a Deposition?

A deposition is the questioning of an opposing witness to obtain information. The deposition must be done according to statute for the answers to the questions to be admissible as evidence at trial. The laws governing how to give depositions is part of a body of laws referred to as civil procedure (laws for pretrial and trial procedures).

Depositions must be recorded by a specially trained person called a court reporter. This person creates a word-for-word transcription of the deposition, so everything word the deposing attorney and the witness say is recorded.

Who is Deposed in a Semi Truck vs. Motorcylce Crash Case?

Before a trial, each side must provide a list of witnesses that may be called to testify. Each side then deposes the witnesses on that list if they are available. This is important because the attorneys want to know what opposing witnesses might say during a trial. Also, if a witness says one thing at a deposition and another during the trial, that can be used to discredit the testimony of the witness.

The list of witnesses can include the following:

  • The drivers of the vehicles involved in the semi truck vs. motorcycle crash;
  • Eye witnesses (people who saw the semi truck hit the motorcycle or were passengers on the motorcycle or in the semi truck);
  • Expert witnesses (people hired by each side to prove elements of the case, including accident reconstruction specialists, forensic engineers, doctors, and other specialists);
  • Trucking company executives;
  • Executives from other companies that may be legally responsible, including the freight company and the manufacturers of the truck and its parts; and
  • Family members of the biker who was injured or killed.

Help for Motorcycle Accident Victims and Their Families

I travel throughout the United States taking depositions in accident cases involving serious personal injury and wrongful death.  If you hire me to represent you and your family, you will not have to pay any fees until I obtain a settlement or verdict. Our law firm has the resources to provide you and your family with the legal representation you deserve.

Contact me for a free consultation and ask me about my experience and record of success. It is vitally important that you hire an attorney who you trust.

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