Worker Injured After FedEx Truck Strikes Boom in Downtown Minneapolis

A worker was injured when a FedEx semi-truck struck a boom in downtown Minneapolis. According to the Minneapolis Police Department, a man in his 40s was operating a boom above 10th Street South to complete maintenance on the Minneapolis Skyway System when a FedEx truck struck the arm of the boom, causing it to collapse. The impact of the truck crash caused the worker to be thrown into the intersection. The worker suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the crash. Authorities say the truck driver remained at the scene and has been cooperating with the investigation.

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Can I Sue FedEx for a Truck Crash?

Yes, if you or a loved one was injured or killed in a semi-crash caused by a FedEx truck, you may be eligible for significant compensation. If there is sufficient evidence to support your claim, an experienced truck crash lawyer will be able to help you sue FedEx to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Boom Truck Crash Lawsuit Information

Boom lift accidents are a serious safety hazard for workers, resulting in hundreds of injuries and dozens of deaths each year. According to OSHA data, more than 30 workers died in boom truck accidents from 2017 to the first half of 2018. Semi-drivers should be aware of their surroundings when driving near boom lifts, as their trucks are much larger and heavier, and can easily kill or severely injure boom lift workers in a collision.

If a worker is struck by a semi-truck while working in a boom lift, they may have a third-party liability claim in addition to a workers’ compensation claim. When a worker is injured on the job, they have the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits from their employer. Workers’ compensation payments are typically smaller than personal injury recoveries, and injured workers cannot sue for pain, suffering, and emotional distress, even if their injuries are severe. Third-party liability claims allow workers to recover additional damages from the at-fault third party, such as the trucking company, the semi-driver, and any other negligent parties.

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At the Pritzker Hageman law firm, our semi-truck accident lawyers have experience representing workers injured in boom lift truck crashes in Minnesota. We understand the emotional and financial toll these accidents can have on workers and their families. Our legal team has obtained groundbreaking verdicts and settlements for our injury clients, including some of the largest recoveries in American history.

If you or a loved one was struck by a truck while working in a boom lift, it is important to consult with an experienced truck crash lawyer as soon as possible to protect your legal rights. There may be a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit after a semi-crash, depending on the statute of limitations in your state.

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