FDA Investigating 3 Cyclospora Outbreaks [Updated]

Updated August 23 with new case totals FDA investigators are working to identify the food sources of three ongoing Cyclospora outbreaks. A fourth outbreak, announced on May 24, ended after being linked to imported broccoli. The probe of one outbreak, which includes 72 illnesses, was announced on June 14. A second outbreak, announced July 6, has sickened 140 people. A third outbreak, announced July 26, sickened 59 people before ending in mid-August.

Colorado Department of Public Health Cyclospora Investigation

The Colorado Department of Public Health (CDPH) is investigating a Cyclopora outbreak as Taco del GNAR in Ridgway, which includes 45 illnesses. These cases are not part of the national outbreaks. Our Cyclospora legal team is currently independently investigating these cases. If you have been sickened, contact us today.

Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Texas are Also Investigating

The Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Texas state health departments have also reported a surge in cases of cyclosporiasisIt is not yet reported if those cases are part of the national outbreaks. The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) told KOSU that romaine lettuce is a suspected source and that most of the cases are concentrated in the northeastern part of the state.

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What is Cyclospora?

Humans are the only known reservoirs of Cyclospora,  a parasite native to tropical climates. People get cyclosporiasis when they consume food or water contaminated with human feces containing the parasite.

In the U.S. and Canada, non-travel-related cases are frequently linked to imported produce. Previous Cyclospora outbreaks have been linked to cilantro, basil, salad greens, vegetables, and berries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tracks non-travel-related cases each year. Since April 1, 2023, 1,063 cases have been laboratory-confirmed. Sevenety-nine people have been hospitalized.

CDC Map of Cyclospora cases
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Symptoms of Cyclospora

Symptoms of a Cyclospora infection include diarrhea that is often described as explosive and watery, nausea, abdominal cramps, bloating, loss of appetite, weight loss, and fatigue. These symptoms can appear within 1 to 14 days of exposure. Without treatment, cyclosporiasis symptoms can last for months.

Cyclospora Outbreaks are Often Linked to Restaurant Food

Cyclospora outbreaks are often linked to restaurant food. In 2018, a Cyclospora outbreak that sickened 511 people in 16 states was linked to salads served at McDonald’s. And in 2013, a 25-state outbreak sickened 631 people including Red Lobster and Olive Garden customers. Cyclospora is the suspected source of an ongoing outbreak that may include customers of Gnar Tacos in Ridgway, CO, and City Market in Montrose, CO.


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Pritzker Hageman Cyclospora lawyers have represented clients sickened in every major Cyclospora outbreak in the U.S. To request a free consultation about your potential case, please call 1-888-377-8900, text 612-261-0856, or complete the form below.

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