Box Trailer Driver Tragically Dies in Crash with Log Truck in Aitkin County, MN

A tragic fatal crash in Aitkin County, Minnesota, took the life of a truck driver.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, a Kenworth tractor hauling a box trailer was traveling southbound on Minnesota Highway 169 in Aitkin County. At County Road 3, the Kenworth broadsided the Wilson trailer containing logs being hauled by the Mack tractor.

There is a stop sign for County Road 3 at this intersection, and traffic on Highway 169 has the right of way.

The driver of the semi hauling the box trailer, Terry Lee Page of Merrifield, MN, did not survive the crash. The driver of the semi-truck hauling the logs, Garin Lee Hocket of Backus, MN, was injured.

Accidents Involving Two Semitrailers Require Independent Investigation

Crashes between two or more commercial trucks involve complex evidence, some of which need to be protected with a special request called a spoliation letter. This letter needs to be sent as soon as possible after the accident to prevent the trucking company from altering or destroying evidence. This step is needed because of federal regulations.

Trucking company documents are generally not available as evidence unless they are obtained with a legal process that requests the documents. If a company does not provide relevant documents, your lawyer can file documents with the court to force the company to release the documents. Also, a lawsuit against a trucking company provides an opportunity to interview witnesses in the presence of a court reporter, who types a transcript of every question and answer. This transcript can be used as evidence.

Most truck drivers are safe drivers. These men and women work hard and are the backbone of our economy. When the driver of an 80,000-pound truck is negligent and harms someone, our Minnesota truck accident lawyers believe that driver and the company responsible need to be held accountable. This is the only way for families to get justice.

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