School Bus Accident Report: Mechanical Failure and Speeding

As the new school year begins in some districts, several children have been injured in bus accidents.

Bus Hits Tree, Driver Says Mechanical Failure

A private bus company transporting students to Revere Middle School in Houston hit a tree. 18 children were taken to the hospital. The driver told investigators that a mechanical failure caused the bus to veer to the left and hit the tree.

“If a mechanical failure causes a bus accident injury or wrongful death, we investigate to determine whether there are claims against the company responsible for maintenance and the manufacturer of a defective part,” said Attorney Fred Pritzker. “In these cases, the bus driver and bus company are often also legally responsible for the bus accident.”


The investigation into the crash found that the bus was not authorized by the state to be on the road. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is investigating the company.

According to the Houston Chronicle:

It was only the second day of school, and several students – wearing uniforms of collared shirts and khakis – were wheeled on stretchers into ambulances.

Under Texas law, school buses must register with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Penalties for not doing so include fines, suspension, revocation of registration or denial of registration. According to DMV, this company is not registered, and DMV is not sure if the company has insurance.

In another school bus crash in Texas, a cement mixer hit an Aldine ISD bus.

Semi Bus Driver Looks Down, Causes Another Truck to Rear End School Bus

In West Virginia, a chain reaction crash resulted in 9 children being injured.

A school bus stopped to pick up a student on U.S. Route 35 in Mason County. One semi truck stopped behind the bus, but another tractor-trailer did not stop and rear ended the stopped truck. That truck then rear ended the school bus.

The driver of the second truck told investigators that he “just looked down for a second” and then looked up to see the stopped semi truck just in front of him. He slammed the brakes, skidded and hit the truck.

Crashes involving a large commercial truck and a school bus often result in serious injury and/or wrongful death. Thankfully, in this crash the injuries were not life threatening, but any personal injury of a child is serious.

The driver of the at-fault tractor-trailer was cited for driving too fast and failure to maintain control of his vehicle.

“When a bus driver is cited for speeding or any other traffic violation, this is evidence that can be used to prove driver negligence in the civil lawsuit against the driver and bus company for compensation,” said Fred. “Civil lawsuits are those filed on behalf of the children injured and their parents.”

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