Gas Line Explosion Kills Restaurant Worker

What happens when a gas line explosion kills a restaurant worker? Who is at fault? Who can be sued?

In most cases, there are lawsuits against the company that owns the gas line and/or an unrelated company that broke a gas pipe accidentally. Those injured in the explosion have personal injury suits, and the family of anyone killed in the explosion has a wrongful death lawsuit.

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Drilling Company at Fault for Explosion Caused by Broken Gas Pipeline

On February 19, 2013, a crew from a drilling company was boring near JJ’s restaurant in Kansas City when a gas pipe was broken. The first call to 911 about the gas leak was at 4:54. The restaurant was not told to evacuate until some time between 5:47 and 5:55. The explosion occurred around 6:00.

The explosion killed a restaurant worker and injured dozens of other people.Yesterday, OSHA announced it is citing the drilling company for the following:

  • failure to ensure that all employees were qualified to operate the machinery;
  • failure to instruct employees about recognizing unsafe conditions;
  • failure to prevent workers from smoking at and around the work site; and
  • failure to ensure employees wore personal protective equipment, like electrically insulated footwear.

It is not clear why the owner of the gas line did not tell those in the restaurant to evacuate until minutes before the explosion. OSHA began investigating the company’s role in the explosion, but withdrew after determining that the Missouri Public Service Commission had jurisdiction.

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