If your loved one died in an explosion, we understand that you may not know what to do or who to turn to, and that you have questions about the explosion and need to get answers. We also understand that this deeply sorrowful time may also be a time of financial stress.

Our job is to find out why your loved one died and what should have been done to prevent the wrongful death. And after our explosion lawyers have built a winning case, it is our job to aggressively pursue compensation and justice for you and your family. In this way, corporate wrongdoers are held accountable.

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What Family Members Can Sue for Wrongful Death after a Fatal Explosion?

Your family can hold the responsible companies accountable.

When an explosion results in the tragic, wrongful death of a family member, certain members of the family have the right to sue for compensation. This is not only a way of helping the family financially, but it also is often the only way to get answers and justice.

If your loved one died in an explosion, you may be wondering if you can sue for wrongful death. The short answer is that you have a wrongful death claim if you are the surviving spouse or “next of kin,” including the parent, child, and other family members, depending on the state where the lawsuit is filed.

Who Can I Sue for the Explosion Wrongful Death of My Loved One?

Find out what companies are responsible for your tragic loss.

Fire and explosion cases are extremely complex, and our law firm’s independent investigation may uncover evidence implicating (pointing the finger at) companies that were not initially suspected to be at fault. For this reason, it is difficult to even list the possible defendants (companies that can be sued), but the following is a short list of possible defendants, depending on the facts of the case:

  • An oil or natural gas company;
  • A propane company;
  • The owner of an oil rig;
  • A landlord/owner of an apartment, rented house, commercial building;
  • A person or business that is leasing (renting space in) the building or any part of it;
  • A hotel, motel, or resort;
  • A company that owns a processing plant, grain elevator, etc.;
  • A heating and air conditioning company;
  • Any company that did maintenance work before the fire or explosion;
  • The manufacturer of a defective oven, heater, propane tank, or other product;
  • The manufacturer of a smoke, fire, or gas alarm that did not work.

There are many possibilities of applicable defendants. You can contact our law firm to discuss your case with a lawyer for free. You are under no obligation to hire us.

We recently won a case where a gas company only filled a propane tank to 30%, resulting in the fading of the odorant used to make the propane smell. Without this added odor (rotten eggs), no one knew the house was filled with gas. When someone lit a match, the house blew up. For more information on odor fade, read “Why Didn’t We Smell Gas before the House Explosion?

Fatal Explosions

Lawsuit against CenterPoint Energy, a Natural Gas Company

Our law firm filed a lawsuit against CenterPoint Energy for the explosion wrongful death of a woman who was working inside of a Minnehaha Academy building at the time of the blast. The cause of the August 2, 2017 blast, according to the suit, was the disconnection of a gas line without first closing shut-off valves. In addition, when CenterPoint subcontractors from Master Mechanical saw that the gas was flowing out of the supply line and into the basement of the building, they did not alert the people in the building so that they could evacuate. Instead, they ran to save themselves and told no one.

Oil Rig Explosion Kills One, Injures 7 Others

On October 15, 2017, an explosion on a Clovelly oil rig in Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain killed a husband and father with three children. It was not until October 20 that his body was found. Seven other workers were injured in the blast, some critically, suffering severe burns and other injuries.

5 Die in Didion Mill Explosion

Five people died from injuries sustained in the May 31, 2017 explosion at Didion Milling in Cambria, Wisconsin. Didion processes corn and corn by-products for ethanol plants. Nine other employees on the overnight shift were injured. Only two people on the overnight shift at the plant made it out unharmed.

Fatal Explosion at Midland Resources

In the summer of 2017, there were two fatal explosions at Midland Resources Recovery in Barbour County, West Virginia. In the first blast on May 24, two Midland employees were killed and one was severely injured when a decommissioned gas tank exploded. The second blast on June 20 killed an employee of Specialized Professional Services Inc., who was working to render the tanks that were involved in the first explosion safe. At that time, OSHA warned that other tanks at the scene that may be unstable. Officials have not yet identified the chemical or chemicals in the tank. Located in Moatsville, WV, Midland provides gas odorization products and services.

Ammunition Plant Blast Happened When Employees Were Mixing Chemicals

On April 11, 2017, an explosion at Lake City Ammunition killed a 55-year-old man and injured four others. The man who died was working with other employees to mix compounds used for small-caliber ammunition when something triggered the explosion. The plant is located in Independence, Missouri.

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