Firefly Tapas Bar Lawsuit: Can You Sue for Salmonella Food Poisoning?

Health officials have linked the Firefly restaurant, a tapas bar located at 3900 Paradise Road in Las Vegas, Nevada, to an outbreak of Salmonella poisoning. More than 80 people have been affected by this outbreak.

What caused the Firefly Salmonella outbreak?

Health officials have determined that the cause of illness was Salmonella bacteria.

What is Salmonella poisoning?

Salmonella poisoning is called salmonellosis.  Salmonellosis symptoms include diarrhea, fever, extremely painful abdominal cramps and headache. They usually begin from 12 hours to 3 days after you eat food tainted with Salmonella.  In some cases, Salmonella victims develop serious complications, including reactive arthritis, colitis, meningitis and sepsis.

Can you sue a restaurant for Salmonella poisoning?

Yes, you can sue a restaurant for Salmonella food poisoning if the evidence supports your claim. It is not critical to your case that a specific food source of the outbreak is determined. Our Salmonella lawyers have won money for victims of outbreaks just like this one.

What foods are associated with Salmonella contamination?

Common foods associated with Salmonella outbreaks include sprouts, tomatoes, peppers, chicken, eggs and processed foods containing these ingredients.  Salmonella bacteria can easily spread from one food item to another via cross contamination in a restaurant.

If I am sick with salmonellosis, can I pass the illness to my family or others?

Yes. It is important that you always wash your hands thoroughly after using the restroom so that you do not pass the disease to others, because Salmonella bacteria are present in an infected person’s stool.

A person with salmonellosis can transmit disease to others as long as organisms are excreted in the feces, which ranges from days to months. With some types of Salmonella, an infected person could excrete the organism for more than a year.

If you spread Salmonella to a family member, it is possible that the family member will also have a claim against Firefly.

I ate at Firefly on Paradise last week and am ill, what should I do?

You should contact Attorney Fred Pritzker and our Bad Bug Law Team as soon as possible for a FREE case review (click here). We have been contacted victims of this outbreak. Now you can join others in holding Firefly accountable.

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