Truck Accident Lawyer Inspection
Attorney Eric Hageman Inspects a truck after an accident.

Question: My wife was in a car accident on her way home from work. She was in an intersection when a semi truck ran a stop sign and t-boned her car. She is now paralyzed, a complete C6 quadriplegic, “ASIA A”. She can move her arms, shoulders, neck, and wrists, but she can’t move her fingers or legs. She will be having fusion surgery and will need to be in rehab. We have three children. What is a good settlement for a C6 quadriplegic?

Answer by Attorney Eric Hageman: The insurance companies involved may want you to quickly settle, but my experience is that they usually offer low settlement amounts, even when the truck driver was clearly at fault. It is unlikely that you will get enough money to cover your wife’s care and medical expenses for the duration of her life, or compensation for the income she will not be able to make because of her injuries.

“ASIA A” refers to a level of injury under the American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) classification system. ASIA A is the most severe spinal injury with no sensation or motor control from the location of the injury down (here the cervical injury was at C6).

Several factors need to be considered to determine how much compensation an accident victim should seek in a lawsuit against the truck driver, trucking company and others, including, but not limited to, the injured person’s age, occupation, family responsibilities and hobbies.  A husband also is harmed by an accident like this and can seek compensation.

I would highly recommend hiring an attorney that has won multimillion-dollar cases against trucking companies. If you hire me, I will need to determine what companies can be sued, get insurance information, investigate the accident and hire medical experts. Our law firm has the experience and resources to handle large cases like yours. We are not paid unless you win.

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