Attorney Brendan Flaherty was on FOX 9 News last night in a segment about distracted driving and teenagers.

Mr. Flaherty has handled many cases involving accidents caused by distracted drivers, including cases where the distracted driver was a teenager. “We find that these kind of accidents dramatically affect both the teenager and the family,” he told FOX 9. Mr. Flaherty urges parents to talk to their teens about this serious issue.

Brendan, the father of two, says parents can take steps to educate their children about the dangers of distracted driving. Sit down with your children who are ready to drive and let them know that with the keys comes responsibility. Have them sign a “No Distracted Driving” pledge with which they promise to keep their eyes and their full attention on the road. This means no cell phone use, no eating, no fiddling with the radio, no turning of the head to talk with someone.

Brendan Flaherty
Attorney Brendan Flaherty

We had a recent case where a driver turned his head to talk to someone behind him. His vehicle hit a person crossing the road.

In some states, teen drivers are only allowed one or two passengers. Parents can have their own rules. We know parents who don’t allow any passengers, but this is not practical for all families.

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