Frugals Milkshakes Linked to Washington Listeria Outbreak

Three deaths and multiple hospitalizations from Listeria linked to Tacoma, WA Frugals

Three people have died and another three have been hospitalized after contracting Listeria bacteria infections linked to a contaminated shake machine found at the Frugals restaurant located at 10727 Pacific Ave. S. in Tacoma, Washington. While the Frugals restaurant stopped using the machine on August 8th, Listeria symptoms can take up to 70 days after consumption of a contaminated product for symptoms to start showing. More Listeria cases linked to Frugals may be possible over the next two months.

Contaminated milkshake machine to blame

After tracing what survivors had consumed, investigators from the Washington State Department of Health identified a milkshake machine at the Tacoma Frugals as the cause of the Listeria outbreak. Shakes from the machine were tested using whole genome sequencing (genetic fingerprinting) and Listeria bacteria was found that matched the genetics of the Listeria bacteria in the people who had fallen ill and died in this outbreak. The investigators also noted that the machine had not been properly cleaned.

Frugals milkshake Listeria

People likely to be at risk should contact their healthcare provider

People who consumed, or otherwise may have come into contact with, milkshakes purchased at the Tocoma Frugals between May 29th and August 7, 2023, and who show any signs of Listeria infection over the next two months should contact their healthcare provider. People who are over 65 or with weakened immune systems are at particular risk. Pregnant mothers and babies are also at very high risk, as pregnant women are 20 times more likely to contract Listeria when exposed than other people.

Symptoms can include –

  • Flu-like fever and muscle aches
  • Upset stomach or diarrhea
  • Stiff neck, headache, loss of balance, confusion or convulsions
  • Flu-like symptoms in pregnant women

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