Circle K Chicken Salad Sandwiches Recalled For Possible Listeria

LSG Sky Chefs of Phoenix has issued a recall for Circle K chicken salad sandwiches, buffalo club wraps, chicken Caesar salads and chef salads because they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. These products were made with precooked chicken produced by Tyson Foods which has been recalled after being implicated in a deadly Listeria monocytogenes outbreak in two states.

At the time of the recall, LSG Sky Chefs said it was unaware of any illnesses reported in association with these products which are sold at Circle K stores in Arizona and California.

Circle K Chicken Salad Sandwiches Recalled For Possible Listeria

The recalled Circle K Chicken Salad Sandwiches were packaged in 5.9-ounce containers with “best by” dates ranging from 6/7/21 to 7/9/21. The product is packaged with Circle K branding and has the UPC number 815138013996. All affected product has already been pulled from Circle K stores.

The Circle K Buffalo Style Chicken Club Wrap was sold in 9.8-oz sizes with  “best by” dates ranging from 7/3/21 through 7/9/21.

The Circle K Caesar Salad with Chicken Breast was sold in 6.7- oz sizes with “best by” dates ranging from  6/27/21 through 7/3/2.

The Circle K Country Style Chef Salad with Ham and Chicken Breast was sold in 7.5-oz sizes with “best by” dates ranging from 6/27/21 to 7/3/21.

If you purchased any of these products do not eat them. If you ate one of these items before learning the recall, you should monitor yourself for the symptoms of listeriosis, which can take up to 70 days to appear. Most of the time, symptoms begin in one to four weeks. The groups who suffer the most serious symptoms from this infection are the elderly, the very young, people with compromised immune systems, and pregnant women.

Listeriosis has the symptoms of high fever, severe headache, stiff neck, muscle aches, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Pregnant women can suffer miscarriage or stillbirth if they contract this infection, even though they may think they only have the flu. If you do feel sick, contact your doctor.


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