Two Died in Waukesha Apartment Fire After Software Malfunction Delayed Fire Response Team

A married couple died and three others sustained burn injuries in an apartment fire after a software malfunction delayed the Waukesha fire response team.

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Waukesha authorities identified an issue with their computer dispatch system, which failed to alert the fire stations as designed. The Waukesha Fire Chief told Fox 6 News, “Any delay is not acceptable, and that’s why we’re going to take the efforts to works together as a team to look at why this happened and prevent it from happening in the future.”

After dispatchers overrode the system, fire crews arrived at the scene 10 minutes and 47 seconds after the fire was reported to the Waukesha dispatch center. The nearest fire station is only one mile away from the four-unit building near Lambeth and Haymarket Road. Fire officials say the system glitch delayed their response time by five minutes, which left a Waukesha family wondering if those five minutes could have saved the lives of their parents.

Kevin McQuade (50) died in the apartment fire that sent his wife Katrina to the burn unit at St. Mary’s Hospital where she later died. They were happily married for 21 years and were survived by two children in their 20s. The Mcquade children set up a Go Fund Me page for support from the Waukesha community.

The Waukesha apartment fire left a woman in her 20s with life-threatening burn injuries. Two other men sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

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