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The Attorneys at Pritzker Hageman

Our law firm recently represented a man who was so severely burned that he lost limbs. His fight to live and the devotion of his wife was inspirational. A few months after the fire, his son was born. The money we won in a settlement will help him get the best care, the best prosthetics available, and a home that will make his life more comfortable. We are so thankful that we could be part of that.

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Fire Smoke

Can I Sue a Landlord if My Apartment Building Starts on Fire and I Get Burned?

You may have the right to sue your landlord for money damages if you were burned or suffered smoke inhalation from a fire in your apartment building.  If there is evidence of any of the following, your landlord (building owner) may be legally responsible for personal injury and wrongful death:

  • Unsafe product, including flammable furniture, bedding and clothing, defective portable/space heaters, faucets, and other defective products that are burn or scald hazards;
  • Failure to install or maintain safety equipment, such as smoke detectors, alarms, and sprinklers;
  • Failure to safely install electrical wiring or gas lines;
  • Failure to “odorize” LP/natural gas (can lead to explosion);
  • Failure to provide appropriate warnings and instructions; or
  • Failure to comply with federal, state, or local safety codes.
Fire and Explosion
Over 3000 people die each year from fire injuries, including burns and smoke inhalation.

Case Study: $3 Million Settlement for Apartment Fire Survivors

Our fire attorneys obtained a $3 million settlement for victims of an apartment blaze caused by upholstered furniture.

Here’s what happened. Shortly after seven in the morning, a young father left his family’s apartment to go to work. His three children and their mother were asleep. Although no one knows for sure, it’s believed that one of the youngsters got up early and began playing with a butane lighter. He touched the lighter to the newly-purchased upholstered sofa. In a second it ignited. In a few more moments the sofa was in flames and toxic smoke poured into the small apartment. Within fewer than five minutes gas and super-heated air overcame the mother and her children. The mother and her oldest son died. The little girl suffered a severe brain damage and will require 24-hour care for the rest of her life. The youngest boy suffered respiratory injuries but eventually made a full recovery.

Our investigation found that the sofa did not meet safety standards and that the smoke alarms in the apartment were not working. Pritzker Hageman attorneys won settlements from the landlord and the manufacturer of the sofa.

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