Minnesota Traffic Deaths on Track to Reach Record High

Public safety officials announced that Minnesota traffic deaths are on track to reach a record high by the end of the year. In what law enforcement refers to as a “traffic safety crisis,” Minnesota is on track to exceed 400 traffic deaths in 2021. This will be the highest number of traffic deaths recorded in the state since 2007.

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Speeding caused more than 30-percent of all traffic deaths this year. Other factors include driving while impaired, lack of seat belts, and distracted driving. DPS estimates that to date, motor vehicle accidents have killed 61 motorcyclists, 44 pedestrians, and seven bicyclists.

Law enforcement attributes the high number of traffic deaths to an increase in speeding and other risky driving behaviors at the onset of the pandemic. In order to help reduce dangerous driving, the Minnesota Safety Council plans to launch a safety campaign for employers to educate their workers about safe driving practices.

Pedestrian Crashes Expected to Increase this Fall

MnDOT officials expect pedestrian crashes to increase this fall as it gets darker earlier. Pedestrian injuries and deaths have been on the rise across the country, coinciding with an increase in reckless driving during the pandemic. In Minnesota alone, 654 pedestrians have been injured and 45 killed so far this year. MnDOT recommends the following crosswalk safety tips.

Crosswalk Safety Tips for Drivers

  • Watch for pedestrians at all times
  • Stop and slow down for pedestrians
  • Be sure to look in all directions before turning or passing stopped vehicles

Crosswalk Safety Tips for Pedestrians

  • Watch for vehicles in all lanes of traffics and for turning vehicles before crossing
  • Be aware of your surroundings – drivers may not see you at night or during the day
  • Try to cross in a well-lit area when possible
  • Stand clear of parked cars and obstacles before crossing

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