A semi-truck crash in Wisconsin seriously injured seven members of a high school boys’ swim team. The crash happened on Sunday, December 22nd at about 10:07 P.M. The boys, all high school seniors, were on-route to Adams County for a holiday trip when a semi-truck t-boned their car. Seven of the eight boys in the car were taken to the hospital for serious injuries. Five were transported by helicopter. All eight were members of the Wauwatosa East/West High School Swimming & Diving Hurricane Team. Only two of the eight boys will be able to physically return for their final swim season this year.

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As of Tuesday, one of the boys remained hospitalized in Madison after his spleen was removed. The six others have since been released, but two returned to the hospital on Tuesday for setbacks. Parent Angie Cruz told CBS 58 News that her son Eli had surgery after suffering “a severe concussion, with a small bleed on the brain…He had a C7 fracture, rib fractures, tailbone fracture.” Parents set-up a Go Fund Me page to help support the boys and their families through their recovery.

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