Prepackaged chicken salads, pasta salads, snacks and scrambles produced by Taylor Farms for Walmart, HEB and Kroger contain onions under recall for Salmonella. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has issued a public health alert for the items.

Taylor Farms products included in onion Salmonella recall

The recall for red, white and yellow onions, produced by Thomson International Inc. of Bakersfield, CA,  was issued in connection with a Salmonella Newport outbreak that has sickened more than 640 people in the U.S. and Canada.  Eighty-five people have been hospitalized.

Hundreds of products containing onions are affected by this recall. For example, at Giant Eagle and New Market stores alone about 80 products sold in the deli and prepared foods departments have been recalled. These products include stuffed pork chops, stuffed turkey breast, chicken salad, potato pancakes, pierogies, macaroni salad, pizza, paninis, spinach dips and sub sandwiches. Secondary recalls like this are common, but because Taylor Farms had not (yet) issued a recall for products it made that contain recalled onions, USDA FSIS issued a public health alert. A recall has since been posted on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s website.

The items are:

  • 7.25-oz. plastic sealed container labeled as “Sausage Breakfast Scramble Bowl” with lot code TFD212AU8 and TFD213AU8 and with a best if used by 08/06/2020 or 08/07/2020.
  • 6.2-oz. plastic sealed container labeled as “Taylor Farms Cheddar Cheese & Chicken Salad Snack Tray” with use-by date 08/06/20 or 08/07/20 and lot code TFD212AU7 and TFD213AU7.
  • 41.35-oz. plastic bags containing “Chicken Salad” with use-by date 08/04/20 or 08/05/20 and lot codes TFD212AU8 and TFD213AU8.
  • 10-oz. plastic sealed container labeled as “Chicken Salad Deli Snack” with lot codes TFD212AU3 and TFD213AU3 with best by dates 08/06/2020 or 08/07/2020.
  • 7.75-oz. plastic sealed container labeled as “H.E.B. Shake Rattle Bowl SOUTHWEST SALAD with CHICKEN” and a best if used by date of “Aug 10/2020 and lot code TFD213AU20.
  • 17.25-oz. plastic sealed container labeled as “Marketside SOUTHWEST STYLE SALAD WITH CHICKEN” with a best if used by date of 08/11/20 or 08/12/2020 and lot codes TFD212AU26 or TFD213AU26.

Symptoms of a Salmonella Infection

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