Attorneys Ryan Osterholm and Lindsay Lien Rinholen filed a lawsuit against Fareway Stores, Inc. on behalf of a man who was diagnosed with Salmonella food poisoning after eating chicken salad purchased from the store in Ankeny, Iowa. The Fareway lawsuit was filed February 16, 2018, in Iowa District Court, Polk County (case number LACL140414). This is the second lawsuit Ryan and Lindsay have filed against Fareway in the last week. They also filed a Fareway Salmonella lawsuit on behalf of a woman who was sickened.

“We are representing several people sickened in the Salmonella outbreak linked to Fareway chicken salad. We are taking steps to find out how this product became contaminated.”Attorney Ryan Osterholm

We will be modifying the lawsuits already filed to add the manufacturer as a defendant. This means the suits will be against both Fareway and the company that made the chicken salad.

Salmonella Lawsuit: 5 Reasons to Sue for Compensation

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As with the first lawsuit, this one alleges our client ate Fareway chicken salad that was contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. This client purchased the chicken salad at the Ankeny store, located at 3205 North Ankeny Boulevard, Iowa, on February 2, 2018. The client in our first lawsuit purchased the chicken salad from the West Des Moines Fareway.

In this image, Salmonella bacterium are magnified 8000 times. It only takes a few cells in contaminated food to make someone extremely sick. Complications include permanent brain damage, kidney failure, painful arthritis, colitis and sepsis. Our Salmonella lawyers have represented families of people who died. There are no deaths reported in this outbreak.

The chicken was properly stored before he ate it on February 3 and 4th. A few days later, our client became ill. By February 9, he was so sick that he was hospitalized in Des Moines. During his hospitalization, testing determined that he had Salmonella poisoning, also referred to as salmonellosis. The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) was notified of the diagnosis. After investigating his and other cases, IDPH determined that our client is one of many people sickened in a multistate outbreak. There are 28 confirmed cases in Iowa, one in Minnesota and one in Nebraska. There were also two lawsuits filed in South Dakota and Illinois.

The IDPH and the federal Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) have warned consumers about the Fareway chicken salad, which was sold in plastic deli containers with a Fareway store deli label. These products were prepared between December 15, 2017 and February 13, 2018.

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