Kitty’s Restaurant and Lounge Linked to Salmonella Outbreak in MA, Lawyers Investigate

Our Salmonella lawyers are investigating an outbreak associated with eating at Kitty’s Restaurant and Lounge on Main Street in North Reading, Massachusetts.  Nineteen people have confirmed cases of Salmonella food poisoning with dates of onset from June 24 to June 29, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH). All eleven people reported exposure to food prepared by Kitty’s Restaurant and Lounge.

Salmonella Lawsuit: 5 Reasons to Sue Now

MDPH will be collecting stool kits and food samples for testing at the State Laboratory in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. They will first be testing for the presence of Salmonella. If any is found, further testing will be done on these bacterial isolates to find that isolate’s specific, genetic fingerprint. Then these Salmonella DNA fingerprints will be compared to see if there are genetic connections between the bacteria that sickened the people and those found at the restaurant, if any are found there.

Salmonella Outbreak
Salmonella bacteria in tetrathionate enrichment broth stained using direct FA staining technique.

Meanwhile, MDPH has advised restaurant staff has that no one can return to work until they’ve had two negative tests for Salmonella 24 hours apart, per state regulations.

The outbreak apparently started on June 23, 2018. The North Reading Department of health has focused on the antipasto as the possible source of pathogenic bacteria; however, testing has not been completed.

Do You Have a Lawsuit against Kitty’s Restaurant and Lounge?

If you have a confirmed case of Salmonella food poisoning and you were exposed to food prepared by Kitty’s Restaurant and Lounge in North Reading, MA, you may have the right to sue for compensation. Your lawsuit would include amounts for medical expenses, time you were unable to work, pain and suffering, and other damages.

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