Husky Energy Explosion in Superior, WI Injures Workers

An explosion and fire at the Husky Energy oil refinery in Superior, Wisconsin, injured at least 20 people. No fatalities have been reported. The fire is under control, and the investigation into the cause of the explosion has begun.

An evacuation that affects thousands of people extends 10 miles south of the refinery, three miles to the east and west and two miles to the north has been instituted. Both Douglas County and The City of Superior have declared a state of emergency.

Both employees and contractors were on the site during the explosion, which happened at about 10 a.m. today, April 26, 2018. A contractor told KSTP News that “crews were working on shutting down for repairs” before the explosion.

Superior Fire Department Chief Steve Panger said the explosion involved a small tank of what he believed to be crude oil or asphalt.

The Husky Superior refinery processes light and heavy crude oil in its production of asphalt, gasoline, diesel and heavy fuel oils.

“Refinery explosions often result in devastating injuries and are almost always the result of violations of clearly established statutes, regulations and company safety rules. Our firm handles refinery and pipeline cases around the United States. I’ve never been involved in one of these cases that didn’t involve safety violations. I’m so sorry that people were injured, especially if safety precautions were not followed.”Attorney Fred Pritzker

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Because workers’ compensation laws can limit who can sue for pain and suffering compensation, your explosion lawyer will need to get involved in the investigation as soon as possible to protect your legal rights and to gather evidence. Fred and his team have helped injured employees get pain and suffering compensation from third-party companies after their investigation found evidence that another company, not the employer, was also legally responsible. In a case they are now handling, our team determined a defective product was the cause of the explosion, meaning the manufacturer of that product could be sued.

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