You may have a Honey Smacks Salmonella lawsuit if you were sickened after eating this cereal. Our Salmonella lawyers can help you get a money settlement.

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Kelloggs Honey Smacks Cereal

Attorneys Fred Pritzker is our lead Salmonella lawyers for these cases. He has won millions for clients, including a $7.5 million verdict and a $4.5 million settlement.

Attorney Fred Pritzker
Attorney Fred Pritzker

Lawsuit Seeks Money for Salmonella from Honey Smacks

As of June 21, 2018, the CDC numbers for this outbreak are 73 reports of Salmonella Mbandaka in 31 states. Our law firm has been contacted by others who believe they are part of this outbreak, so this outbreak may continue to grow.

CDC map of Honey Smacks Salmonella outbreak

At least 24 people have been hospitalized in this Salmonella outbreak linked to Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal, according to the CDC. Hospitalizations generally happen when people become severely dehydrated or when the infection travels from the colon to other parts of the body. We had a young client, an infant, who suffered a brain infection called meningitis in another Salmonella outbreak involving another food product. This little child almost died and suffered permanent brain damage.

Every person sickened in this outbreak deserves justice. It is our job to make sure that happens.

Honey Smacks Recall Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination

Kellogg is voluntarily recalling 15.3 oz. and 23 oz. packages of Kellogg’s ® Honey Smacks ® cereal (with code dates listed below) because these products have the potential presence of Salmonella. No other Kellogg products are impacted by this recall.

The recalled products are certain packages of Kellogg Honey Smacks cereal: 15.3 ounce packages with UPC number 3800039103 and best if used by dates of June 14, 2018 through June 14, 2019; and 23 ounce boxes with a UPC number of 3800014810 and best if used by dates of June 14, 2018 through June 14, 2019.

On July 15, 2018, The CDC and FDA warned consumers not to consume any Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal with any “use by” date or any size because they aren’t sure when the contamination occurred. 

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