Our law firm is investigating an outbreak of salmonellosis, Salmonella food poisoning, the source of which is Burrito Delight restaurants in Colorado located in Fort Lupton and Dacono, according to the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment (WCDPHE). Burrito Delight has voluntarily and temporarily closed both of these locations.

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Salmonellosis Outbreak Associated with Eating Food from a Burrito Delight Restaurant

Four people were hospitalized. Salmonellosis food poisoning can cause severe complications, including colitis, meningitis, renal failure and sepsis. Some cases are fatal; however, we are not aware of any deaths connected to this outbreak.

Because Burrito Delight has two restaurants and also caters, there are four locations where people were sickened:

  • 3 people at an Aims Community College event on February 6th;
  • 9 people at an Aims Community College event on February 12th;
  • 5 people at the Burrito Delight in Fort Lupton, Colorado;
  • 4 people who picked up food from the restaurant and brought the takeout food to their place of employment.

The two Burrito Delight restaurants involved in the outbreak are both just north of Denver. Twenty of the confirmed cases ate food prepared at the location in Fort Lupton location, and one case ate food prepared at the Dacono location.

Salmonella Mexican Restaurant

The specific source of the outbreak is still under investigation, but people sickened in this outbreak should know that a restaurant can be sued for food poisoning even if the specific food that caused the illnesses is never determined. This is because it is important for people who contract salmonellosis, a preventable illness, to be compensated. Our Salmonella lawyers have helped a number of people sickened in past outbreaks linked to restaurants.

You can sue a restaurant for food poisoning.

To date, there are 21 laboratory-confirmed cases of Salmonella. The breakdown of the laboratory-confirmed cases by county includes:

  • Weld = 14
  • Larimer = 3
  • Bolder = 2
  • Morgan = 1
  • Adams = 1

According to the Weld County Department of Health, the public is not currently at risk and the restaurants are closed for the duration of the investigation.

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We are a national food safety law firm. We have recently filed Salmonella lawsuits against Fareway grocery stores and a chicken salad supplier in Iowa in an unrelated outbreak of Salmonella food poisoning. We have helped hundreds of people sickened by contaminated food get compensation and justice.