A number of people contracted Salmonella food poisoning after eating ate at a catered meal at Toyo Tire in White, Georgia, last week. Ryan Osterholm, a Salmonella lawyer at our law firm, has been contacted regarding this outbreak and is investigating a lawsuit against a restaurant that catered the event. He is one of the few lawyers in the U.S. who has won millions for people sickened by food contaminated with Salmonella bacteria.

“We will be looking at what food was served at Toyo Tire and if the Salmonella contamination was caused by improper food handling by the caterer and/or a contaminated food product that was supplied to the caterer.”Attorney Ryan Osterholm

We know the name of the caterer and will be taking steps towards a lawsuit as soon as we have gathered enough evidence.

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Attorney Ryan Osterholm

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The Georgia Department of Public Health Northwest Health District and Bartow County Health Department have started interviewing people sickened in this outbreak. Their teams of environmental health specialists and epidemiologists are investigating the caterer’s food preparation and handling practices. They are also looking at whether the caterer provided food to other locations.

We have been told that Toyo Tire does not normally have group meals and does not have a cafeteria at the plant. The only group meal of which we are aware is the one last Wednesday.

Lawsuit against Caterer of Toyo Tire Event

If you or a loved one was sickened after eating at the Toyo Tire meal in White, GA, on November 15, 2017, you can contact Ryan about a Salmonella lawsuit against the caterer.

We file individual suits and not class action lawsuits. The reason why is that class actions require the harm to be almost identical. This is never the case with Salmonella outbreaks. Even if two people have similar symptoms, the money damages for each will most likely be different. If you have questions about this or anything else, ask Ryan during your free consultation.

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Salmonella bacteria in food can cause severe illness, even wrongful death. This is because the bacteria can cause severe damage to the colon, killing tissue and causing colitis, and these dangerous bacterium can travel in the blood to the brain, heart and other organs. In some cases, it can cause sepsis, a body-wide infection that is often fatal. We currently have a client who suffered Salmonella meningitis and has undergone several brain surgeries.

Our lawyers take action against restaurants and others who sell poisonous food. These businesses are legally responsible if a connection between the food and the illness can be found. We work hard to find that connection, and then we hold the companies responsible accountable.