One Fatality in Logging Truck Accident near Bedford

On Thursday morning, a woman was tragically killed when her car crashed into a logging truck whose driver has been charged with causing the accident by improperly turning into a crossover.

According to Virginia State Police, Susan Myers, 56, of Brookneal, VA was driving in the right westbound lane of route 460, when the vehicle she was following, a Kenworth logging truck, slowed down to make an improper left turn into a crossover. Meyers died at the scene of the accident after rear ending the tractor trailer.

The driver of the logging truck a 69-year-old male from Madison Heights, VA has been criminally charged for his role in causing the accident.

Getting Answers After a Tragic, Wrongful Death Accident

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When a loved one is killed in a tragic accident, it is important that families get the answers they need and that justice is served. Taking legal action against the at-fault driver and their employer is usually the best way to hold them responsible for their negligence.

Some of the possible businesses that could be legally responsible after a truck crash are:

  • the owner of the tractor
  • the owner of the trailer
  • the owner of the freight
  • the employer of the driver
  • a manufacturer
  • a maintenance/servicing company
  • a parent company of any of the above.

Other Possible Legally Responsible Parties
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Investigating an Accident

When someone is killed in an accident with a semi truck there are often accident details that are not evident and take investigating to uncover. These can include evidence of texting or other forms of distracted driving before the crash or a history of erratic driving that a trucking company ignored.

A good truck accident lawyer will independently investigate a truck accident scene with independent accident reconstruction specialists and staunchly pursue these accountability issues that so many families put first in litigation.  Litigation lets families send a message to trucking companies that they are responsible for the human consequences of unsafe driving that left their loved one dead.

Pritzker Hageman Law Firm Accident Attorneys

Accident attorneys Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman have decades of experience helping families get answers and justice after trucking accidents. These cases require a thorough understanding of state and federal laws governing the transportation of goods on public roads and having a firm understanding of these laws is vital in building a strong case.

You can contact our team of accident lawyers by calling 1-888-377-8900 or by filling out our consultation request form.

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